Key West Trip

These photos are so long overdue, I wasn’t even going to post them. Partially because these were taken pre-Emerson’s haircut and I so miss his curls, and partially because, well… it was back in January that we took this trip.

Aida & Claudiu: Diplomat Country Club Wedding

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this blog post because it’s so incredibly personal and near to my heart. This past October, we had the great privilege of photographing Aida, who is my husband’s beautiful sister, and her handsome groom, Claudiu’s, wedding day.

Andrea & Andrew: Maternity Photoshoot

Before anyone knew what he looked like, sounded like, or what holding him felt like, baby Camden was celebrated; and so very loved. While in Chicago last year for a wedding, I got a chance to photograph these two lovely people in my favorite park to date, Glenview Park. Adi and I had so much fun recounting newborn stories, exchanging tips on baby gear, and of course, capturing this beautiful time for Andrea & Andrew. The anticipation of your first child is probably one of the greatest of your life.

Cristina & Jeremy: Villa Woodbine Wedding

I photographed this beauty of a wedding last year with the incredible Ozzy Garcia and wanted to share some of my favorites with you all. I adore second shooting because it forces me to be more creative with my shots, while also taking off the pressure of never missing a beat.

A move and internet!

To quote the 17 year old that lives deep within me, OH-EM-GEE you guys. After three weeks without any internet whatsoever (I’m lying… I had my phone but that doesn’t count),…

AnaMaria & Billy: Chicago Ravisloe Country Club Wedding

I am so incredibly excited to share this wedding with you all! I have been saving this beauty to kick off my first and very long wedding post of 2014, even though this wedding was indeed last year (still so strange to say). This was a special one for me for quite a few reasons, one of which includes a couple that I fell head over heels for… and a Vera that stole my heart.

Happy Birthday Love!!

Yesterday was my amazing husband’s birthday and I managed to convince him to take the day off from work. I had a few good surprises in store for him and I think I was more excited than him! I live for pulling fast ones on my man. ;)

Anca: Anthropologie Inspired Lifestyle Photoshoot

If you know me, you know that I’m slightly obsessed with Anthropologie. Actually, I should say Anthropologie’s sale section, since 85% of their stuff is sort of totally out of my budget. Still, if I could, I’d gladly set up house there and live forever amongst their insanely gorgeous displays, wearing their fabulous clothes, reading their quirky style books, all while lighting their scented candles and lying on their soft sheets.

Year in Review: 2013 Wedding Favorites

It’s here! We made it! I know it’s cliche to say, but I can’t believe this year is just about over. It’s been SUCH a beautiful year for our family, one that I feel undeserving of. There were so many highs and lows, tears and laughter, and great memories filled with adventures for us, both personally and professionally.

Christmas Cheer: Then & Now.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! It’s no secret this time of year has always been my favorite. It’s the time of year we all come together with our family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And between the Christmas music, the baking (left that up to my mom this year), all the gleaming light displays, and the Christmas trees in windows, I just can’t get enough. Tomorrow is officially Christmas and even though I always feel like it comes too quickly, this time, I want to cry at the thought of the end of Christmas songs and holiday decor. I’m so not ready. Remember when you were a kid and Christmas took its sweet time to get here? Whatever happened to that feeling?

Last year for Christmas, we had a new little baby that wasn’t quite sitting up on his own, was more interested in eating his presents than playing with them, and drooling up a storm as he’d stare at our tree. Gosh, I miss that drool. He made things so much more exciting and suddenly everything revolved around Emerson.