Georgia Family Trip

A few weeks ago, we packed up our bags and hopped on a plane with the kids to visit our family in Georgia. We had such a great week over there, relaxing plenty, exploring the Atlanta area, and doing a little country living too.

Rachel & Josh: Islamorada Wedding

There’s something so different about Islamorada weddings. Though only a few hours from home, they always feel so special in a “secluded, destination wedding” kind of way. There’s a different breeze out there, light that is even more magical than normal, and water that surrounds you no matter which way you look.

TGIF and Stuff

If I wasn’t so dang clumsy, I’d climb on top of my roof and shout TGIF at the top of my lungs—THAT’S how happy I am this week is over. In all honesty, it was combined with some incredible pinch me I must be dreaming moments and some punch me in the face moments. Let’s start with last weekend, shall we? Saturday was my birthday and my hunky husband planned this awesome Disney weekend for us because, hello?! happiest place on earth! Plus, that man knows not much brings me more joy than riding Dumbo with my little family.

Mitzi & Jonathan: Private Residence Wedding

I first met this incredible couple via email through the wonderfully talented Eileen of Beauty in the Making, who designed and planned their entire wedding. Their wedding was my last wedding of 2014 and it couldn’t have been a more perfect way to conclude such a blessed year.

Friday Randomness

It could be the fact that I have a 2.5 year old and an almost 5 month old who are both on such different levels and different schedules, but lately, I feel like I have the most random thoughts, at the most random times. Not to mention, I feel like my brain has the attention span of a pigeon.

Svitlana & Borris: Spanish Monastery Wedding

Hi all! I’m still alive and kicking if anyone’s wondering. If not, well alright then… I really don’t blame you. ;) I know I haven’t shared a wedding in a while and trust me, I have SO many to share it’s honestly overwhelming, but I thought today was as good as any to start, yes? Yes. This lovely wedding is a recent that Adi and I photographed at the lovely Ancient Spanish Monastery and it was our first traditional Bulgarian Orthodox wedding.

And then there were four

Bare with me here while I get a little Hallmark-y on you all–I wrote this post when my hormones were in overdrive and I was shedding tears at the drop of a hat. No, seriously, every time Sienna outgrew a onesie, I cried in my closet like a crazy woman. Don’t get me started on the diaper situation. HOW is she already a size TWO?! She may as well be graduating college. Anyway, here goes.

Welcome Little One!

On September 29th, at 11:19pm, we welcomed a beautiful and healthy 6lb 12oz baby girl, Sienna Rose, into the world and into our family! She came a full 2 weeks early and we weren’t exactly prepared for how quickly everything happened.