Sunday Stillness

Hi all and happy new week to you! I’m not quite sure how it gets here so fast, but that Monday man, I could really do with less of it. Now Saturday and Sunday, I can’t get enough of.. especially since we’ve been enjoying a few heavenly Saturdays off this month.

Daniela & Elliott: Rock Barn North Carolina Wedding

Daniela & Elliott were married in one of the sweetest, most charming weddings that we’ve had the great opportunity to photograph. This couple is special to us in so many ways and on our way home from North Carolina, we gratefully brought them and their new marriage before God as we thanked Him for blessing us with their love.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emerson!

Two years old!! I can’t even believe it! I honestly don’t know how much of this growing up business my heart can take. ;) We celebrated our sweet boy yesterday with all the things he so dearly loves and had just about the best day ever. We asked him how he wanted to start his birthday celebration and he declared train!! So off we went to ride trains at 8am and had pretty much the entire mall to ourselves.

Summer Nights

It feels rather silly to refer to anything as a season here in South Florida, since it’s pretty much summer year round, but still… there’s something that just feels different about these longer days. We eat watermelon all day long, we live off freshly squeezed mint lemonades, our dinner menus are lighter, and our weekends revolve around barbecuing with friends as often as possible.

Roxana & Florin: Hollywood Florida Wedding

A few months back, our pastor married his beautiful soul mate and chose Adi and I to document the event. We felt so honored and humbled at the chance to photograph a man that has pastored us, taught us, and married us as well some 7 years back (say what?!?!).

Grace & Jamie: Clayton, Georgia Waterfall Club Wedding

We’ve always loved traveling to Georgia for weddings and feel a little like it’s our home away from home. When Grace contacted me about photographing her wedding in a part of Georgia that we’ve never traveled to, we were so excited! Despite the overcast weather and occasional shower, Clayton Georgia was as beautiful as they come!

It’s A….

GIRL!!!!!! You guys… A GIRL!!!! I can’t even tell you how completely surprised we were to find this out… and SO excited! I was 100% positive that this baby was a boy and even had a name picked out. My pregnancy was a little different in the beginning, so that should have been my first clue, but as time went on, it felt so familiar and memories of E in my belly just flooded back. So naturally, I assumed that it had to be a boy.

Emma & Nathaniel: Sarasota Field Club Wedding

This was my first wedding ever with my now sister-from-another-mister, Jessica Lorren, and even though it’s been quite some time since then, it still feels like yesterday. I am so grateful for this girl, for her friendship, for all she’s taught me, and for the amazing times we’ve had together while shooting weddings and while not.

{Belated} Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day was spent in Georgia with my little family and it was absolutely perfect. The best part? My mother was with us as well! We all had a great breakfast together, packed up our blankets, and headed out to a nearby park that made me feel like I was in the Sound of Music. Well, minus the mountains, the daisy fields, and the seven children.