Since pretty much the day Emerson was born, his personality was a funny one to figure out. He was extremely active, very chatty, very happy, yet very selective and quite cautious. He had his “favorite” people and well… the not so favorites. He was a baby, and still is, that needed to take a moment and examine his surroundings. Once he felt like it was safe and all was well in his little world, there was no stopping him. BUT. If there was that one “questionable” guy with a longer beard and funny glasses or that sweet older lady that wanted to pick him up without his consent, he kept his distance and made sure to let them know. This was so interesting to me because I’m the complete opposite. Actually, Adi often wishes I was more cautious but hey, I’m working on it.

We’ve never been the parents who have tried to “change” or mold him into something he’s not so we’ve kind of just let him do his thing and make sure he feels safe in any circumstance he’s in. I do my best to gently encourage him and teach him but for the most part, I let him decide if he wants to go somewhere or to someone (of course, that I trust and know as well). All that to say that we really never know what his reactions are going to be like, so when we took him to the beach on his first birthday (2 months ago already!!) to play in the fountain and swim with the bigger kids, we were bracing ourselves to just hang out under a palm tree and play in the sand until he was ready.

emerson beach day (10)emerson beach day (8)

But, dang. The moment we walked outside and he saw that fountain and those big kids playing, he was all “see ya later guys”! He instantly let go of our hand and held his own and this mama was beaming with pride (with a few mini heart attacks along the way). Adi followed him to make sure he didn’t get knocked to the ground by a big gush of water, but Ems just ran around, having the time of his life. He loved the bigger kids and they loved him back as they watched him swallow gulps of water and lose his little swimming trunks in the process. When I felt like my faint heart couldn’t take anymore water gulps and big kids running circles around him, we made our way over to the ocean where he swam with his papa and waved excitedly to me. Gosh, I love that little boy. His excitement, wonder, and the way he never ceases to surprise me, fills me up from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head with so much happiness. Here’s a few photos from that day at the beach when my little baby turned a big 1:

emerson beach day (7)

My favorite of the day. This was the moment he started to dance, which he often does when he’s really excited for something. Cutest thing ever.

emerson beach day (11) emerson beach day (3) emerson beach day (4) emerson beach day (6)

Emerson loved that salty beach water. True story: when we got home, I went to get him out of the car seat and there he was, licking the salt off his arms. Not the proudest moment of my parenting, but definitely one of the funniest.

emerson beach day (2) emerson beach day (1)

A blurry one of my boys, but still a favorite.

  1. Becky says:

    Oh be still my heart, this was so adorble to read and see! Love u baby E!!!! And momma u know I heart who you are!

  2. Jillian Gherry says:

    Seriously?! Sweetest, most beautiful family EVER.