Alyssa & Dave were married at The Bonnet House, the sweetest (and my personal favorite) venue nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, just as the sun was setting (by now, I’m sure everyone knows how much I love a good sunset wedding). Their wedding was a perfect example of how a location and the right time of day can transform a wedding into something completely magical. Details were kept minimal, yet beautiful, and this couple was as amazing as they come. And photogenic—goodness, I could have shot them all day long. It was such a pleasure to assist my good friend and mentor, Ozzy Garcia, on this picture perfect wedding. It’s weddings like this one and couples like these two that have me thanking the good Lord for allowing me the opportunity to do what I so love. There are quite a bit of photos so grab a hot cup of tea and enjoy!


Alyssa did such a great job matching her color scheme to The Bonnet House, which in turn, makes for a perfect album.


The Bonnet House provides brides with the most adorable room ever to get ready in. When I walked in and saw this dress hanging, I took a photo and it ended up being one of my favorite dress photos I’ve taken. There’s a femininity there and a reminisce of a little girl’s room. It brings me back to that little girl dreaming of her perfect wedding dress.

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Some classic portraits of the handsome groom.


And the stunning bride…


A first look gave us plenty of time to get lots of great photos while there was still light outside.

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“Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.”

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Alyssa & Dave had an amazing group of friends and family for their bridal party. I loved these formals…

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Alyssa’s mother walked her down the aisle, where they met Alyssa’s father and walked together towards Dave.

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My favorite photo of their day, taken moments after saying “I do”:


And is there anything more perfect than swans at your wedding? I think not.

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Now that I have Emerson, I adore those mother-son dances (and often shed a few tears at them). Loved this moment below of Alyssa looking on as her husband dances with his mother.

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