To quote the 17 year old that lives deep within me, OH-EM-GEE you guys. After three weeks without any internet whatsoever (I’m lying… I had my phone but that doesn’t count), I am about to hashtag my excitement about once again living alongside the rest of you fine modern day folks. #WEHAVEINTERNET friends! I don’t know if I quite remember how to work this thing, it’s been so long. Not having internet, not being able to blog, having to run into Starbucks to properly answer emails, and feeling like I was behind on everything has been awful. Just awful. Okay, perhaps there are worse things but there have been a few lows. Some highs though, include being able to focus on unpacking, editing weddings, and a few other side projects I’ve got going on.

Speaking of unpacking…. we recently moved! Three weeks ago, actually, hence the no internet. And in case you’re wondering, Comcast has an enemy in me. Anyhow, we are all moved in and it’s starting to slowly feel like home. We have such a long ways to go but we’re loving all the extra closet space and backyard that E loves to run around in. He’s mastered running through sprinklers and helping us plant our mango trees. Oh my goodness, our very own mango tree. Summer can’t come soon enough.

Another low over the last three weeks was being hit with bronchitis and laryngitis, and then slowly taking everyone else out, one by one. I think we’re all starting to feel better, though E still has quite the impressive grandpa cough. Each day is better than the last and really, it’s times like these that make me so thankful for our health. I’ve missed this little internet space of mine so bad and found myself daydreaming about blogging. So look out week, I’ve got some goodies in store for you. ┬áIn the meantime, here are a couple of photos that have nothing to do with the move, the internet, or Comcast… just of my heart and joy that constantly bring smiles to my face. Hope you all have a great one!