I’m so elated to share these photos with you all of my beautiful sister in law and her handsome groom. It’s never an easy thing to photograph family (cue the tears) but it’s always such a privilege and truly, a blessing. The day took place at the Diplomat Country Club in Hollywood and we kicked it all off with a gorgeous dress and a killer pair of heels. Scroll below to see the couple’s special day, which holds an even more special place in my heart.


DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_002 DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_001DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_003



This is my official disclaimer: let it be known that my baby boy was a ring bearer and let it also be known that there are way too many photos of him in this post. But that’s what happens when his parents are the photographers and he is the bride’s favorite little person on earth. Below, is Emerson’s little suit next to his auntie’s beautiful dress… also known as my favorite wedding dress photo yet. Obviously. ;)






I recommend First Looks to everyone, including my family. Not only were their reactions priceless, but we were able to get most of the photos finished before the ceremony and they were able to enjoy most of their cocktail hour with guests, without the added pressure of more formal photos.

DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_036 DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_010

DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_034 DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_014 DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_033

DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_032 DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_015DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_066jpg DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_064jpgDianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_062jpg DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_016DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_055DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_011DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_054DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_053DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_017DianaLupuPhotography_AidaClaudiuWedding_018



There was a moment during the ceremony where I saw my husband put down his camera and stand back. At first I panicked wondering if he was going to miss a key moment, but then I realized this was his sister’s wedding. The girl who gave him endless grief growing up, scolded him when he didn’t do his homework (and let’s be honest, sometimes did his homework for him), took him along with her when she’d go out with her friends, and the girl that fought harder than anyone to make sure he succeeded, was getting married that day. I know first hand how proud he was that day and how much he loves his sisters, so I snapped this photo of him below to remember that moment. Also, my husband is crazy handsome and I couldn’t help myself.  ;)






  1. neli says:

    How lovelyto relive that beautiful day! I always enjoy your pictures and your story-telling of the day, but you totally outdid yourself with Claudiu & Aida’s wedding! So enjoyed being there again :) love you!

  2. Ela says:

    Beautiful Photos!! Beautiful Couple!!!!

  3. Katy Levine says:

    Every photo is so perfect and I love your lighting! But my favorite is the story behind the photos, just beyond!

  4. Nickole Vladia says:

    I Like!