Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am so excited to share this wedding with you all today of all days! I have been saving this beauty to kick off my first and very long wedding post of 2014, even though this wedding was indeed last year (still so strange to say). This was a special one for me for quite a few reasons, one of which includes a couple that I fell head over heels for… and a Vera that stole my heart. While in Chicago for this very wedding, I was talking to one of my best friends (and former bride might I add), Becky, when I shared with her my frustrations with blogging. Particularly, blogging weddings. I love to write so much and I particularly love to tell a story through not only my photos, but also my words. However, wedding days are extremely hectic and very difficult for me to focus on anything other than getting all my shots, dodging uncle Bob, keeping those family formals calm and pleasant, and making sure I don’t step on the bride’s dress. So weeks later (or in this case, months… let’s just pretend you didn’t read that part, shall we?) when I sit to write their story, sometimes, I fall short. I’m very inspired by someone’s story and I feel like telling it helps others connect to the photos on a different level. So my brilliant friend—I only have brilliant friends by the way… they make me look SO much better—came up with a great idea that I’m very excited to begin this year! I’m not sure if it will always work perfectly or if I’ll always be able to do it this way, but it’s worth a try right?

So here goes: In 2014, I hope to get my couple’s wedding blog post introduction from someone they know and love very dearly. This could be a sibling, a best friend, a parent, a bridal party member, or anyone that the couple chooses. The “story” could be a memory from the wedding, a little something about the couple, or even a simple well wish for their future together. My hope is that you will see this beautiful couple in a more personal way and connect visually as well as personally to them. My hope is that my couple will read their story and smile, knowing that it comes from someone that is very near to their heart. My hope is that this will bring as much joy to you all as capturing their photos has for me. I will continue to provide links to vendors and you know I can’t help but comment on my personal favorites!

AnaMaria & Billy chose a very dear friend, Katie, who was also in their wedding, to write their blog post and I couldn’t be happier with it. Here’s her wish for them:


“I should’ve known that you guys would throw the most beautiful wedding. And it was – what a place to celebrate the commitment you two made. I’m so happy that you guys found each other and have each other to be with. I wish you two the very best, as really anyone will; but as your friend I’m so excited to watch your marriage grow in the coming years (decades!). I know God is going to grow your relationship to be an even more amazing thing than it is now. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day.”

With all my love, Katie

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (95)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (36)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (4)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (3)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (92)

Sheila from Ipomea Floral did such a fabulous job on all the flowers. I was so blown away by her garden picked interpretation. They were everything a girl could hope for and more!

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (6)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (17)

The Ravisloe Country Club near Chicago, IL is a dream venue. Surrounded by lush landscape and beautiful architecture, it is one of my most favorite wedding locations, if not THE favorite.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (96)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (7)

AnaMaria did such a beautiful job with the “shades of peach” vision. Her taste is right up my alley, that AnaMaria. ;)

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (57)

And this handsome groom knows a thing or two about posing. Billy is quite the model groom and can rock a bride’s bouquet like no other.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (35)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (12)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (33)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (58)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (2)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (93)

And the stunning bride below. If she took my breath away, I can’t imagine what happened to poor Billy.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (55)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (15)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (51)

AnaMaria gets her great looks and her charm from her sweet parents. And man, that photo on the right gets me every time. There’s something so powerful about a father praying over his child and her marriage.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (13)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (47)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (45)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (10)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (73)

The soft tulle details in this Vera Wang beauty gave it such a romantic, ethereal feel. It was just perfect.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (71)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (9)

In lieu of a first look, this couple opted for a first prayer. Coordinating this was no easy task but so worth it. You all know I’m a big fan of a first look but a first prayer? I want to go back and get married all over again. This was my personal favorite moment from their day and I was honored to be there for it.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (61)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (98)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (19)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (67)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (25)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (68)

That look right there? Worth the wait for sure.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (103)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (28)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (27)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (26)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (65)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (64)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (30)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (63)

I just love everyone’s expression in this photo. That moment where you are “officially” husband and wife is just so darn happy and exciting!

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (62)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (29)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (77)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (74)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (75)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (97)

Billy, you are one lucky man. Just. Gorgeous.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (56)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (46)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (76)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (80)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (44)

Wish I could doodle hearts all over this, I love it so.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (78)

Also, THIS bouquet. I’m sure you can already tell by the amount of photos I’ve posted with it that it’s a favorite of mine.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (72)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (50)

I love when a groom chooses a tux that fits him perfectly and Billy’s JCrew tux did just that.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (42)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (37)

While I photographed Billy, Adi posed AnaMaria and snapped this on the right. It’s so editorial looking and that husband of mine never ceases to amaze me.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (102)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (48)

Hey AnaMaria & Billy, mind standing in that glorious patch of light in the middle of a forest? This couple was a dream… they gave me a full 45 minutes of portraits and were happy to stand anywhere.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (79)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (53)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (39)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (14)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (38)

Sheila used peaches in the arrangements! The only thing that kept me from reaching in and taking one (just kidding guys) is how pretty they looked in there.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (70)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (20)

Such a quaint, beautifully lit venue.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (16)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (100)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (34)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (40)

This gold foil and peach cake was just too pretty to eat, in my opinion.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (23)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (60)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (90)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (91)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (101)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (86)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (89)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (88)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (87)

Some final favorite sunset photos before I let them take off. AnaMaria & Billy, we adore you both so very much. Thank you for blessing our socks off with your love, your kindness, and your hearts. It was an honor to be your photographers and we’re even luckier to call you friends. Your wedding was a gift to witness and we are so thankful for couples like you. Truly.

DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (82)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (83)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (104)DianaLupuPhotography_AnaMariaBillyChicagoWedding_ (105)