If you know me, you know that I’m slightly obsessed with Anthropologie. Actually, I should say Anthropologie’s sale section, since 85% of their stuff is sort of totally out of my budget. Still, if I could, I’d gladly set up house there and live forever amongst their insanely gorgeous displays, wearing their fabulous clothes, reading their quirky style books, all while lighting their scented candles and lying on their soft sheets. Seriously, I need nothing more. Adi and E could come too… there’s plenty of love to go around! Alas, that is probably one dream that will never come true so I am forced to find other ways to get my fix. So I dream up photoshoots where I can photograph a beautiful gal wearing their beautiful clothes in a beautiful setting.

It’s been a cold couple of weeks here in South Florida (I’m for real.. it’s reached the 40’s, you guys) and though we still have sunshine and mostly beautiful temperatures, I’ve found myself excited for bright dresses and flowy skirts. I can only imagine how much the rest of the world (you poor things with your polar vortexes) is looking forward to spring and summer. This photoshoot is everything one dreams of when it’s almost February and warmer days are highly anticipated.

I can’t thank my previous bride and really good friend, Anca, enough for being the perfect model and letting me play. We had such a blast shopping for the outfits and putting together all our ideas. A big thank you also to my insanely talented sister-in-law for doing all of the hairstyles on site and in record time. Single ladies. Dating gals. Brides. Call her and no, there is no shame whatsoever in sending me thank you cupcakes afterwards (you can private message me for her number if you’d like). ;) And finally, thank you thank you to Villa Woodbine for always being so gracious and allowing us full access to their picture-perfect grounds. When I convince Adi to marry me again, it will be at Villa. Anyway, grab yourselves a hot chocolate and enjoy this all things girly and all things Anthropologie photoshoot. I’m starting with my most favorite photo from the day of the gorgeous Anca:

DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_014DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_037DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_031 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_013DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_021 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_020 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_001

The Salvage Snob is a pretty amazing furniture, accessory, and prop rental company for events & weddings that is so great to work with! They immediately came through with this vintage ladder that was absolutely perfect!

DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_009 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_002 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_003DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_005 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_030 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_022 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_008

Anca’s cousin, Ioana, did a fantastic job with her flawless makeup. I was super impressed!

DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_004 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_023 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_040DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_038

This photo below makes me look forward to summer and blooms, blouses and skirts, and all the other pretty things that come with it!

DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_018 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_041 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_007 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_029 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_028 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_035

Another of my favorites below:

DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_047DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_036DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_016 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_045DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_046 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_015DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_024 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_012 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_043 DianaLupuPhotography_AncaLifestylePhotoshoot_VillaWoodbine_048




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