These two have a very special place in my heart and if I tried to tell you just how special, my words would fall short… and I’d get all emotional about it, too. Ugh, girls. I’ve been on a beautiful journey with Anca & Jonny as we have some legit history together—history that makes me count my blessings and swells my heart THIS BIG. So you can just imagine how happy I was, when after all these life changing events I’ve photographed for them (see their proposal, engagement, and wedding), they still don’t mind getting dressed up and posing in front of my camera. Says somethin’ about how much fun I am, donchathink? ;)

I’d had this Anthropologie inspired portrait shoot in my head for months and couldn’t think of a better model than Anca (take one look at her and you’ll know why). But before going off to photograph those, I somehow twisted convinced Jonny that he should be in a few photos as well. I mean, when your wife looks this good, you should definitely document it.

And here comes the best part: these photos are the first captured of Anca carrying their first child. Though they didn’t know at the time that she was expecting, I look back at these and really get emotional. I mean, how many jobs out there can say they’ve seen a person through literally the most exciting, beautiful times in their life? And frozen those times through photographs. This, my friends, is exactly why I do what I do and love it so. Anca & Jonny, you already know this, but I love you three. And I’m so grateful for you.

Hair: Elisa Farkas ([email protected]) / Makeup: Ioana Zivku ([email protected]) / Styling & Wardrobe: Anthropologie

.  Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 003 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 002 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 001 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 011 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 020Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 008 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 007Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 014 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 019

Oh my dear Anca, you are beautiful beyond words.

Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 006 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 026 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 005 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 021

This picture really hands it to me on a silver platter with a box of Klenex. There was a little lemon seed growing in her belly and we didn’t even know it. Crazy.

Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 025 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 015 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 023 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 004 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 012 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 017Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 009 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 013 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 022 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 016 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 010 Anca & Jonny Lifestyle - 018

  1. Persida says:

    These photos are amazing!! Anca looks so lovely. What at great story–knowing that she was pregnant before she even knew. That’s the best part!!

  2. becky says:

    sigh. dreeaaamy.

  3. Annie L. says:

    that location is awesome and the outfits are perfect. just so pretty.

  4. Kathryn White says:

    wow! this looks straight out of a magazine! i can’t even begin to choose a favorite.