I am so excited to celebrate my second Mother’s Day this year with my little loves in the great state of Georgia! Last year for Mother’s Day, I was shooting a lovely wedding in Chicago, which I loved, but it was away from Emerson and well, it just didn’t feel the same being so far from him. Even though we celebrated when we got home, I kind of felt a little cheated. I know this sounds totally juvenile and ridiculous, but seeing mama’s on my instragram feed getting breakfast in bed and being showered with so much love all on the same day made me feel like I was missing out. Hello, hormones.

So this year, when we booked a wedding in GA on Mother’s Day weekend, dramamama over here made it clear to Adi that we were taking Emerson with us and making a little vacation out of it. And then I batted my eyes and reminded him I was carrying his second child and deserve to get all my heart’s little desires. That man of mine sure is smart and promptly took a few days from work so off we go today! I’m so excited to be with my family and spend time together but before we go, I wanted to share the beautiful Anca & Jonny’s maternity shoot with you all! You know, in honor of Mother’s Day and all.  

I’ve been a part of Jonny and Anca’s story from the very beginning (see the proposal here, the engagement here, the wedding here, and their lifestyle session here) and it was quite special seeing that baby belly on my gorgeous friend. I hope to continue on with this special family and document many more babies, family shoots, and whatever other blessings come there way. Being a mother is the most beautiful gift ever given and I’m constantly in awe by the crazy abilites a woman suddenly has once that little baby is placed in her arms. To all the mothers out there, you all deserve to be celebrated and get breakfast in bed all year long. For all your sleepless nights, many sacrifices, and magical abilities to make this world a better, brighter place, here’s to you all! And to my own mother, you are my everything. I love you more than any language could possibly articulate. You’re my best friend and all I hope to be as a mother and I just pray abundant blessings on your beautiful soul. I am so thankful to you and for you, mom. I love you so much!

I photographed this stylish mama on a beautiful day at the fab Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale. And in case  you’re wondering, that dress is not even maternity. Cue jealous hormones everywhere.

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