Before anyone knew what he looked like, sounded like, or what holding him felt like, baby Camden was celebrated; and so very loved. While in Chicago last year for a wedding, I got a chance to photograph these two lovely people in my favorite park to date, Glenview Park. Adi and I had so much fun recounting newborn stories, exchanging tips on baby gear, and of course, capturing this beautiful time for Andrea & Andrew. The anticipation of your first child is probably one of the greatest of your life. It’s such a special time when you’re still just two but really three. Most all of your conversations are filled with wonder and dreams of what your new family will be like and most of your days are consumed by thoughts revolving around baby products, newborn clothes, and research conducted through the very reliable Dr. Google. ;) But of course, nothing can really prepare you for the gift of a child. No one can truly explain how much love your heart will hold and how much pure joy you will receive out of little burps, chubby chins, and tiny smiles. A few months after this photoshoot, Andrea & Andrew got to experience first hand all those feelings when baby Camden made his sweet, adorable presence into the world. I’m so thankful for this job that allows me to connect to families like theirs and see them grow into the greatest roles of their lives.

Andrea & Andrew, may you enjoy every precious moment with your sweet boy and may you reflect back to this time with hearts filled with the happiest kind of anticipation. We love you three!

AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_009 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_017 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_015

Andrea made one stunning mama-to-be.

AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_006 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_005 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_008 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_016 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_018 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_020 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_004 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_021

This field. My goodness, I could easily photograph every event in this very spot. In fact, you may remember this lovely engagement shoot from here too. And as a side note, who looks THAT good pregnant?!

AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_003 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_022 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_023 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_012 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_011 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_027 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_024 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_025 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_013 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_002 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_028 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_010 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_014 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_026 AndreaAndrewMaternity_DianaLupuPhotography_001

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