Another Baby!!!


Ahhhh!!! We are so overjoyed to announce that this October 2 (or 3rd or 4th, or who really knows anyway?), we’ll be a family of four! FOUR!! Even though I’m 16 weeks, I still sometimes can’t believe it. We’ve always wanted to have our kids grow up close together and I probably would have done it sooner if I didn’t have such vivid memories of those first three months. ;) My heart just swells up knowing that I’m going to be soon holding a tiny little baby and seeing Emerson take on the role of big brother. Oh goodness gracious, I think I may burst! Adi and I have felt so incredibly blessed to be parents to such a sweet little boy and we really can’t wait to grow our family and see all that’s in store for us. We pray it will be as beautiful of a journey as it’s been so far. I’m so aware of what a blessing it is to be able to carry a child and am really trying to take in every moment, but I have to say, this time around is FLYING. Between being E’s mama, working, and getting our new house in order, there isn’t exactly time to sit and reflect. Especially since when I finally do sit, E assumes that it’s time for reading his books or singing songs or my favorite, pulling me up and saying “park!!” “les go!!”. I am soaking up every moment I have alone with him so I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m excited to share this journey on this little space of mine and am happy to have you all along!

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