This Mother’s Day was spent in Georgia with my little family and it was absolutely perfect. The best part? My mother was with us as well! We all had a great breakfast together, packed up our blankets, and headed out to a nearby park that made me feel like I was in the Sound of Music. Well, minus the mountains, the daisy fields, and the seven children. But! There were streams and birds chirping and warm sun rays peaking through those giant trees! Okay, so not quite The Sound of Music but it still felt magical. My boys took out their soccer ball and ran across the open field while my mom, my cousins, my aunt, and I did what women do best, talk up a storm. It really is a gift and men everywhere should be jealous. We then went out for frozen yogurt and came home for a nice long nap. The rest of the day was spent doing things I love most: eating, relaxing, and playing with my sweet boy. My amazing, hunk of a husband surprised me with a pair of beautiful Anthropologie shoes from “Emerson” that I’m obsessed with, and there were hydrangea plants and orchid plants galore for the other moms in the house. Even though mothers would give the world to their children regardless if there was a holiday or not, I just think it’s so nice to celebrate these remarkable women on a special day, reserved just for them. Below are just a few photos of me and my loves on Mother’s Day. We took a ton more on our iPhones because you know… they’re way more convenient and weigh a ton less. I didn’t realize that I only got photos with my mom on my iPhone though. And now I’m doing the photographer walk of shame. Anyway, my little soccer star…


Anyone see Sound of Music here? Anyone? Use your imagination people! ;)


It’s either basketball or soccer, all day, every day. And this 20 week baby belly is making it more challenging to keep up with them, but Lord knows I try.


Emerson wasn’t too thrilled we took him away from his soccer playing for a photo but I still love it because hooray, we’re all looking at the camera!!


Can’t wait to hold a newborn again and love on that soft baby skin! There are days when I’m all “you sure there’s only one in there?”and maybe it was the jumper (though more likely the pancakes I had that morning), but this was definitely one of those days. Oh, how I love that bump and those tiny kicks already.


Since becoming a mother, I’ve come to learn about the crazy love and intense protection that overwhelms your entire being when it comes to your little one. It was a whole new world for me, and it feels like each day, that love and sense of loyalty just intensifies more and more. Honestly, the whole process has blown me away and the fact that there is an entire community out there of women devoted to putting their family’s needs first, sacrificing their own careers and aspirations in life, and raising these kind, selfless, intelligent little minds on how to be positive influences in our society, is just so incredible to witness. All my life, I’ve looked at my mother as the ultimate giver and never really understood how beyond that it went—how natural, yet consuming, but constant all that encompasses motherhood really is. It literally never stops and call me crazy, but before I had E, I thought of it more as an exhausting process that required way too much. Though it’s not always perfect, and there are definite exhausting times, it’s such a powerful, beautiful thing and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the entire world. It’s almost as if you’re given a larger, stronger heart the moment that baby is put into your arms. Not to mention, magical powers! I mean how many women do you know that can cure booboos with a mere kiss, fight off scary monsters under the bed, and turn a grumpy morning into the best ever with a heap of chocolate chip pancakes? That, my friends, would be mothers.

I’m so thankful to my own mother for giving me an unbelievable sense of security, reminding me that confidence has nothing to do with how you look, and showing me the fiercest love and strength I’ve ever known. I’m so thankful to my mother-in-law for raising my husband to be so hard working, so loving, and such a wonderfully strong, dedicated man with a beautiful, kind spirit. I’m so thankful to my own little boy for making me a mama and showing me each day what’s truly important in this world, granting me magical powers, and giving me all that I never knew I was missing in life. And lastly, I’m thankful to all mothers that lead exemplary lives and prove time and time again, that they are the most powerful influences of strength and love out there. I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating the women in your life!