Merry Christmas Eve everyone! It’s no secret this time of year has always been my favorite. It’s the time of year we all come together with our family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And between the Christmas music, the baking (left that up to my mom this year), all the gleaming light displays, and the Christmas trees in windows, I just can’t get enough. Tomorrow is officially Christmas and even though I always feel like it comes too quickly, this time, I want to cry at the thought of the end of Christmas songs and holiday decor. I’m so not ready. Remember when you were a kid and Christmas took its sweet time to get here? Whatever happened to that feeling?

Last year for Christmas, we had a new little baby that wasn’t quite sitting up on his own, was more interested in eating his presents than playing with them, and drooling up a storm as he’d stare at our tree. Gosh, I miss that drool. He made things so much more exciting and suddenly everything revolved around Emerson.

Christmas 2012 - Diana Lupu Photography - 001

My husband was always kind of a Christmas faux paus kinda guy and never did get excited enough to done Santa hats and listen to Christmas carols all of December (okay, November too). Please tell me you all do that. Well friends, if any of you have a husband suffering from a similar illness, please do not despair. I’m here to tell you there is hope! All you need is a baby… ha! ;) Adi got so excited about all things merry and bright and even belted out those carols to get Emerson’s big brown eyes nice and wide. And then there was this year! A toddler really takes it up a notch or two (or ten). We’ve had the greatest Christmas yet and though Ems is still too young to really get it, it’s been so much fun to do a ton of Christmas activities with our little family of three. We’ve enjoyed going to morning church Services that focus on the birth story of Christ, we’ve seen some pretty amazing light displays, watched a full month of Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate, took Emerson to pick out his first tree, decorated our little apartment together, and read Christmas stories all month long! This mama has been in heaven. We are so close to finally moving to our new home and after so much hard work, we are so excited about what the holidays will look like next year for us! Thank you friends, for following along our little blog and we wish you the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest Holidays yet!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at photos from Christmas last year and compare them to this year. It’s incredible how much these babies grow and change and I will never tire of looking back… or looking forward. :) ┬áHere’s our little ham last year on Christmas:

Christmas 2012 - Diana Lupu Photography - 003 Christmas 2012 - Diana Lupu Photography - 004 Christmas 2012 - Diana Lupu Photography - 005

The photo on the left always cracks us up. Someone started unwrapping that gift and when he looked back at how large it was, well, it was as if he’d seen the ghost of Christmas past.

Christmas 2012 - Diana Lupu Photography - 002

And here’s our Emerson one year later, at 17 months. Two words: that hair!

Christmas Eve 2013 - Diana Lupu Photography - 001 Christmas Eve 2013 - Diana Lupu Photography-004

I love this picture of him below. He never sits still for longer than a millisecond but here, he drifted off for a moment in deep thought. He just looks so handsome.

Christmas Eve 2013 - Diana Lupu Photography - 002 Christmas Eve 2013 - Diana Lupu Photography - 003

We had every intention of going to get a tree during the day so I can take better photos but never got around to it, thanks to papa working around the clock at the new house. So one night, we saw this adorable little tree farm and all climbed out of the car to pick one. Because our place is so tiny and filled with moving boxes, we wanted a small one and decided we’d let E pick it. He was so excited and couldn’t quite make up his mind at first… But then, it was a definitive “zis one!!!”. And it was all sorts of crooked with missing branches and a little charlie brown flair to it. It’s my favorite tree I’ve ever had and I love it so.

Christmas Trees 2013 - Diana Lupu Photography - 001 Christmas Trees 2013 - Diana Lupu Photography - 002