Oh, this wedding. I’m FINALLY able to share it and I literally have butterflies, that’s how much I love it. Taking place at the fabulous Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, it was one beautiful, stylish affair. As most of you who follow this blog know, we did a lot of traveling to Chicago last year for weddings, and this was our very last one. Talk about going out with a bang! I tried very hard to limit how many photos I’d blog, but then I gave up and just stopped counting. As blogged about here, I’ve decided this year to try and let people close to the couple write their blog post. Here is the story of Diana & Doug’s wedding, as told through Diana’s beautiful sister’s words:


“Saturday July twentieth was a beautiful summer day in Chicago and it brings back sweet memories of my beautiful sister, Diana’s wedding. There is nothing more special, than to see your baby sister marry the man of her dreams. Diana was so cool, calm and collected the day of her wedding. She wasn’t your typical bundle-of-nerves kind of bride. She knew she was beginning a beautiful journey that God had destined for her and her soon to be husband, Doug, and was certain of her love for him.  Diana and Doug’s wedding day was simply spectacular. From the fun and anticipation of getting ready in the morning at the W Hotel to the thoughtful Ceremony in the Gardens of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the amazing Feast that followed at their reception, every moment was filled with joy. Surrounded by family and friends, Diana and Doug celebrated their love for each other the entire day. Their special day ended with a fairytale send off as they floated through their family and friends into a horse-drawn carriage ride home. What a beautiful day!!!”.


Many thanks to Tiffany and her team over at Soiree Weddings & Events for planning this stunning event and making Diana’s dreams a reality. It was a true honor working with those talented ladies!

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While I hung out with the ladies, Adi got to photograph Doug and his groomsmen in his amazing downtown Chicago apartment, which you may remember from Doug and Diana’s engagement shoot.

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Diana designed and made her invitation suite to match her wedding: classic and clean with a modern twist. This little lady is quite the talent.


It takes a confident bride to let her girls wear all white, and I couldn’t have been happier. Everyone that knows me, knows how much I adore white.

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As we made our way to the first look, Diana and I took a quick detour to the Fourth Presbyterian Church in downtown Chicago for some of my favorite bridal portraits in the most incredible light. Time was extremely tight but I made sure to take a moment, step back, and thank the good Lord for those few minutes. It really doesn’t get any better and I just felt so blessed to have such a gorgeous bride, location, and day.


It’s hard to choose favorites with a bride as stunning as Diana, but this below is probably one of my favorites. The light, the wind, her dress… just perfect.

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When I first met Doug, he told me he wasn’t very good at posing. Between you and me, I think he lied. ;) What a handsome groom he made.

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You all know how much I love when a bride and groom opt to do a First Look. We had so much more time to get all their portraits done, including family! I just love when that happens.

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Doug taking his bride’s beauty in.

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And then some bridal portraits of this stunning couple in whatever random parts of downtown Chicago we could find that didn’t have huge crowds roaming around:

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Oh Diana, not only is your name beautiful (haha), but you my dear, are just beyond.

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Can we all take a moment and be jealous of Diana’s dress and how fab it looks on her? I mean, really.

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Diana’s bridal party was so stylish, I didn’t even have to pose them. And I absolutely love that she stuck to her black and white color palette, even in her bridal party. So chic and classic.


This boy! I’m pretty sure Diana’s nephew is the sweetest, most darling ring bearer ever.

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Diana and Doug’s ceremony took place on the modern lawn of the MCA, which provided great views of the great city of Chicago.

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Tiffany and her team really knocked this one out of the park:

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A perfect ending: