Easter 2016


I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! We took a few days off before and enjoyed family time at the beach and ate entirely too many ice cream cones because it feels like summer over here. On Friday, Emerson and I began to prep our eggs and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that dyeing them is not a task for the faint of heart. For the third year, we’ve used vegetables and fruits to dye them (we’ve used this tutorial each time) and every year I say, “never again”. But in all honesty, I think I find the process kind of therapeutic (or I just have a really bad memory, which if you keep reading, you will most definitely lean towards) and I realllllly love the pretty colors that results from it. But here’s the kicker: two days of work (not full days obviously, but they do require hours of soaking) and Sunday rolls around and we arrive at my in-laws for Easter lunch when I realize, I FORGOT THE EGGS. Who FORGETS EGGS ON EASTER? My husband doesn’t even bother making excuses for me anymore, poor guy. ;) Anyhow, it wasn’t all bad because we had a second dinner yesterday just so we can enjoy Emerson and I’s fruit of labor. Pun intended.


We started a new tradition this year which I really love. We don’t want to make Easter about anything but Jesus Christ’s resurrection and so the day before, we have a “spring day” where we do the egg hunt and the basket for the kids! I had a shoot on Saturday morning so as soon as I got back, Adi and I went straight to the front yard to hide all the eggs. The kids had such a blast finding them! Sienna found one and sat down for a good 10 minutes with it, which gave E plenty of time to find most of the rest. Poor girl missed out so we hid them again. And again. Oh, what we do for our children. Sadly, I didn’t get too many good family photos from Sunday but here are some from our spring day on Saturday:

EasterSpring_2016 (5) EasterSpring_2016 (4) EasterSpring_2016 (18) EasterSpring_2016 (20)EasterSpring_2016 (2) EasterSpring_2016 (7)

My handsome sweet boy, who tells me every day how much he loves us and how I’m his best friend. The other day, I was holding him and I told him that soon, he would be too big for that. I told him he was growing too fast and how I wish I could hold him forever. He took my face with both his hands and said, “don’t worry mama, I will be your baby forever.” I can’t make this stuff up if I tried.. He just really is a dream.

EasterSpring_2016 (19)

The picture below on the right kills me! Sometimes, he loves her a little too hard and she gets a bit annoyed by it. It’s so hilarious and adorable that most times, I just want to let them have at it, but Adi usually steps in to save her. She usually screams “bubbbbaaaa” and Emerson thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.

EasterSpring_2016 (12)EasterSpring_2016 (3)EasterSpring_2016 (8) EasterSpring_2016 (9)

I used to encourage them to hold hands and now, they just reach for each other. You guys, I’m so crazy in love, it’s ridiculous.

EasterSpring_2016 (17)

And a few from my mother-in-law’s on Sunday. Go figure, I take photos of the cakes and not my kids. I craved one thing this easter and that was carrot cake, and my sweet mother-in-law NEVER misses a beat in the cake department. Actually, food in general. She is amazing!

EasterSpring_2016 (10) EasterSpring_2016 (11)

I may love Christmas for all the obvious reasons but Easter is probably the most important to me. It is the reason I am saved and carries so much weight in my heart. Without the sacrifice and the resurrection, there would be no victory, no reason for my faith.  I realize not everyone agrees with this, but for me, the resurrection signifies Christ’s power over death, the conquering of sin, and the defeat of God’s enemy. I believe that everlasting life exists because of it. God reminds me of His absolute sovereignty over life and death through the resurrection of Jesus and I’m just so thankful for that revelation in my life.

Here’s to spring (though we unfortunately don’t really have much of that season in South Florida) and one more of these two holding hands because… well… why not?! :)

EasterSpring_2016 (16)

  1. Jennifer Olariu says:

    They are so adorable, Diana!!! Loved their Easter baskets too!