When I first found out you were a girl, I panicked inside. I knew how to do the trucks and the soccer balls real good and I rather liked it. I’m not much of a tomboy so I’m not exactly sure why I panicked, but I did. Change does that to me; it always has. But then you arrived.


Calm. Beautiful. Peaceful. Perfectly sure of us. With one look, you grabbed onto my heart and told me it was going to be good. Really, really good. These past 8 months with you baby girl has been just that. More than that. While you may no longer be calm or even peaceful if we’re going to be honest, you are that piece to my puzzle that I needed and never knew was missing. You bring such joy to us and are the source of so much love in our home. I think you feel it too… God, I hope you feel it. And though I’ve since come to love shopping the girls section and get butterflies in my stomach when I think of all the mother-daughter things we will one day do, you still prefer your brother’s trucks over that one little stuffed doll you have. So really, though this time around has been very different, in many ways, it’s very much the same.


Eight. Eight months already. Everyone says it… it goes too quickly. Slow down, time. Stop even, if you can. But I know better… it never pauses for even a split second. It just keeps going and you, baby girl, keep on growing. So, we’re taking every passing second, every growing inch, every pound you put on your tiny petite frame and we’re holding on as hard as we can. We’ve never cheered anyone on more.


You are full of energy, just like your brother was (still going strong there) and you’ve hit every milestone before I thought you would. The best quote that describes you is that famous one by Shakespeare from one of my favorites, A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “Though she be but little, she is fierce”. Your itty bitty, still squeezing into 6 month clothing, but you flip and grab and crawl and pick yourself up like the strong girl you are. I should have known this when you rolled over at 2 months. As fast and strong as you are, you are just as loud and demanding and determined and happy and sweet. You seem to be pretty stubborn too, just like your mama. You say “mamamamamama and baaaaa” all day long and you give your brother these adorable open mouthed kisses that he just lives for.


My beautiful, sweet Sienna girl, you were right that day 8 months ago when you reassured me things were going to be really good. I have never been more perfectly sure of anything in my life. Happy 8, little one. Mama loves you to the heavens and back times infinity and beyond.


**These are a collection of some of my favorite images of her and I that one of my dearest friends in the world, Lauren, captured. I will be forever grateful to you for these, Lolo.**

  1. Becky says:

    Love these!!!! Such sweet words momma! Love u girls

  2. shelah says:

    So much beauty between mum and daughter. A lifetime bond like no other. Thanks for sharing!