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Emma & Nathaniel: Sarasota Field Club Wedding - Diana Lupu Photography

This was my first wedding ever with my now sister-from-another-mister, Jessica Lorren, and even though it’s been quite some time since then, it still feels like yesterday. I am so grateful for this girl, for her friendship, for all she’s taught me, and for the amazing times we’ve had together while shooting weddings and while not. Emma & Nathaniel were married at the beautiful Sarasota Field Club on a perfect day and I’m so thankful that they were gracious enough to have me along. We all had a great time celebrating this incredible couple and I adored their southern charm of a wedding, complete with a crisp blue and white color palette and delightful little details. When I think about Emma & Nathaniel and their day, I think about sitting on a porch swing, next to the one you love most, while sipping on a peach iced tea and listening to the wind rustling the leaves. It was seriously that darling. A huge thank you to Jess for having me along and for how far we’ve come. I adore you sweet friend.

DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_000 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_001DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_026

DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_030 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_003

Emma can light up any room with her laughter.

DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_002 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_004 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_028 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_007 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_006 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_005DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_033 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_032 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_035 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_031DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_029 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_015 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_022 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_008 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_009 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_011 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_010 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_012

For their favors, Emma gave away a batch of her grandma’s famous cookie recipe already made in a mason jar with various prints handpicked to match her wedding theme. Perfection.

DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_014DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_036 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_017 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_019 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_024DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_018 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_023 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_027 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_025 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_020 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_016 DianaLupuPhotography_EmmaNathanielWedding_021