I know we’re two weeks into September, but happy September, everyone!! I PROMISE you that I have felt a shift in temperatures here in good ol’ always warm South Florida. It went from hotter than an oven baking firecrackers, to bearable with a tiny breeze (!!!). My instagram feed is filled with sweater weather and even hats have made an appearance; meanwhile, we’ve made the transition from tanks to t-shirts. Baby steps. This is the time of year I start itching for cold fronts and even break the ol’ boots out for a good shinin’ because this girl has big hopes. Everyone knows how much I love this sunshine state of mine but being that fall is my favorite season, I go through this “I want to move” stage every. single. year. when September-October rolls around. Instead, we settle on planning a trip because that’s a little less dramatic.

TN2012 (8)In other news, Emerson is a whopping 14 months old. Seriously?! WHEN did this happen? He is repeating things that we say and has us cracking up all day long. He runs, dances, spins (his favorite, my least) in circles till he’s so dizzy, he knocks into furniture, and he fake laughs. FAKE laughs! As in I tell him not to do something and he turns around, slaps his knee, and laughs. I don’t know where he gets it from. ;) He’s so much fun, this child of ours, and we just can’t imagine a better life right now.

The other night, I was looking through photos trying to organize the trazillion I have of him, and came across a trip we took last year in October to Georgia and TN. Our little ham was a teeny 4 months old and we were dying to show him what fall feels like. You know, cause he really cared. I never shared these pics and since I am living vicariously through everyone else’s weather, I thought I’d show off a little too. Gosh, I miss how small he was. And that owl hat of E’s was so darn cute—though he wouldn’t let it touch his head now with a 10′ pole. If any of you have any tricks for getting stubborn toddlers to wear hats, please let me know. Hope you all enjoy some (okay, a lot) photos of our little family on our little trip last year!

TN2012 (7)

We started the trip off in Georgia, visiting our family. Some highlights from our time there was hiking (actually just a really long walk that felt like a hike for me) visiting a little corn field & pumpkin patch, and of course, placing Emerson in a pumpkin. Good times.

TN2012 (1) TN2012 (38)

My aunt & uncle live in basically the best neighborhood in all of Georgia. It’s exactly what you grow up seeing in movies and being jealous of (was that just me?). Kids were playing outside while their parents hung Christmas lights, beautiful brick homes lined the streets, and the sound of creeks filled the crisp air. All that was missing was the smell of apple pie and burnt wood from chimneys. Oh wait, that was there too. You can’t even imagine how ready I was to move in.

TN2012 (24) TN2012 (5)

This little owl was as content as any owl could possibly be.

TN2012 (6) TN2012 (2)

Is there anything on earth sexier than a man and a baby carrier? NOTHING. How ’bout anything cuter than a teething baby eating that baby carrier while wearing hand knit booties? NADA. It’s a good thing my battery died and you can’t see that baby in the carrier zonked out because well… cuteness coma.

TN2012 (26) TN2012 (27)

Emerson was all kinds of confused when we first put him in this pumpkin. Ten seconds later of cheering, jumping, and throwing leaves up, and this guy was all “I can stay here forever”.

TN2012 (4)TN2012 (3) TN2012 (17) TN2012 (37) TN2012 (35)

We drove to Gatlinburg, TN for a few days, where our sweet friends met us from NC. I love them and am so thankful for good friends.

TN2012 (28) TN2012 (16)

I love this beauty so much and man, do I miss her—and Emerson sticking his fist in his mouth.

TN2012 (29) TN2012 (14) TN2012 (30)

This picture below makes me smile. I never wanted Emerson to get attached to one particular toy, but he took a liking to Ellie the Elephant (don’t hate) immediately. To this day, it’s his favorite and he will snuggle that thing to pieces at night.

TN2012 (13)TN2012 (11)

If anyone wants to keep a 4 month old entertain for a solid 45 minutes, get yourself a fireplace asap.

TN2012 (12)

This is one of my favorite memories from the trip and I’m so thankful Adi was there to capture it. Naps and snuggles with him is what I loved most about that age and the thing I miss most (enter baby fever… almost).

TN2012 (10) TN2012 (9)

So there was this one night, at about 10pm, when Adi and I craved burgers… and then there were three hungry bears.

TN2012 (32)

These last pics were taken on our drive back home when we stopped for gas and decided to take some last photos. Emerson borrowed my hat and looks better in it than I could ever look.

TN2012 (20) TN2012 (18) TN2012 (21)

And a final photo to show you our awesome parenting skills. Note that our child can’t see a thing yet we both continue to snap photos. Photographers.

TN2012 (34)