Happy Thursday everyone! If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you probably saw that we spent Labor Day without A/C. Considering that I live in South Florida and it’s September, that’s pretty much the equivalent to CODE RED, MAN DOWN! We’ve since had our air fixed and all is well in the world again. Except for the fact that I lost a few days of work and am now forced to work ungodly hours, which wouldn’t be so bad if Emerson didn’t think it was hilarious to wake me up at the first sign of light. Kid has a sense of humor, that’s for sure. Luckily those late nights have been spent looking at the most beautiful couples, both inside and out, so it’s really not so bad.

But this morning was really something else. Adi’s been away on a business trip and I woke up feeling like a truck hit me and left me for dead. I (usually) love mornings but today I woke up feeling drained, annoyed, and sorry for myself, which in hindsight is completely ridiculous and embarassing to admit, but that’s me on 3 hours of sleep folks! As I dragged my feet over to make Ems some breakfast, I caught a glimpse of my computer and saw this beauty below staring back at me. If that weren’t enough, I felt cool air hitting my skin and the cutest little baby boy tug at my pants to show me how he blows kisses. And right there and then, I scolded myself and swore it was going to be a good day.┬áBecause dagnabbit, life is good.