It could be the fact that I have a 2.5 year old and an almost 5 month old who are both on such different levels and different schedules, but lately, I feel like I have the most random thoughts, at the most random times. Not to mention, I feel like my brain has the attention span of a pigeon. So, because it’s Friday and Adi and I have a rare weekend off, which basically means I’ll have a functioning brain alongside my somewhat defaulted one, I thought I’d share some of the randomness in hopes of gaining an ounce of clarity. Or maybe it’ll all just confirm that I’m losing it. Either way, here we go…


While washing dishes the other day, I wondered about water consumption. I suddenly felt immensely guilty for how we take having clean water for granted and entertained the thought of bringing my greasy pots and pans with me in the shower to conserve some of the wasteful water. It was a bit of a disturbing picture until I saw the sprinklers go off and decided washing them out there was a much more logical option if I wasn’t so worried about what the neighbors would think.


If you haven’t heard, I’m going postpartum bald. In an effort to hide this, I decided to cut off 4 inches and get bangs. So now, the only time you can see my receding hairline and bald spots is when I put my hair up in a ponytail…which is basically, all the time. So much for that. Anyway, I’ve never been into essential oils (I must be the only one in the country) but a friend texted me a list of them that helps thicken and grow your hair so I thought, let’s do this. I went out and bought the oils and then realized how much work was involved, so instead thought about selling oils, which then led me to think about making my own line of oils for vain reasons such as hair growth rather than health issues, which thhheeennnn made me worry that I was too vain and finally, WHAT AM I TEACHING MY CHILDREN?! So one long run on sentence later, I went and returned the oils.


Sienna started teething about a month ago and it’s getting to the point where she literally eats our face. She does this hilarious thing where if you get too close to her, she will open her mouth up as wide as she possibly can and vigorously shake her head like some kind of piranha on a mission. I remember Emerson doing that but much later, around 5 or 6 months, which brought me to my next thought. My daughter is a genius. Or a prodigy. And we need to do something about this! So I told her pediatrician this in hopes of hearing confirmation and even daydreamed her response  but instead was told, “oh yes, girls teeth sooner than boys”. In other words, “your child is completely average…” ugh! Doctors. Alas, if anyone has any great teethers, please share! And speaking of Sienna, this was last month. MAN. I love her so.



I need a new sofa. And a rug. And an umbrella… the clear kind.


Most of the blogs I read on a daily basis are lifestyle, mom blogs and a few in particular share the hilarious things their toddlers say. I have been keeping a journal, jotting down or texting Adi all the funny things E says, but I’d love to share them here. So. This leads me to the biggest dilemma I’ve had this week since going bald. Do I start a personal blog, aside from this, where I share some of my personal life and keep this one strictly photography-work related? Or do I share everything on here? I’m leaning more towards separating the two, simply because I don’t want to overshadow my weddings and my work projects with toddlerisms, rantings, sharing baby products, and a zillion photos of my kids. More than anything, I’d LOVE to hear your opinions on this matter. :)


Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot and decided I actually quite like it. One evening, while sauteing my tilapia in a butter and lemon sauce, I wondered whether or not this whole cooking kick was in actuality a curse for my baby weight. Sure, the pounds are peeling off now that I breastfeed, but what happens once that stops? Basically, I came to the conclusion that I will breastfeed Sienna until she’s 5. Don’t judge me… cause I mean, who has time for the gym, anyway?


I think I want to start photographing film. I know, I know… please don’t roll your eyes too far back. Truth is, I’ve always loved the look and though I have no immediate plans to photograph weddings in film, I would love to learn to photograph my kids on film as well as some personal work projects. Soooo if anyone knows a reputable place to sell kidneys, let me know… because basically, I’ll need to in order to pay for all the equipment.


I need to learn to braid hair. Not mine, because you know, the bald thing. But I have a daughter now and it recently dawned on me that the extent of my abilities lies in a low traditional braid and pony tail. Thankfully, I have about a year or so until her hair grows… and mine. (can you tell this has been the single most consuming thought I’ve had this week? Vanity I tell you. Just awful.)


And that my friends, concludes my random thoughts for this week. There were so many more, some worse than others, but I deleted some after reading them because you know… clients read this (another reason why I probably need a personal blog, poor things). Hope you all have a great weekend doing things you love with those you love! We plan on heading to the park tomorrow for an event that will include bounce houses and face painting for the kids, hot dogs and corn on the cob, and maybe a sweater or two. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow which is basically winter for Florida. hastag brrrr. And because posts are boring without photos, here are a few more of my girl that were too good not to share. Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. ruth karsters says:

    so cute.


  2. Ioana says:

    Diana you’re the best!! I love the randomness of your ideas in this post,I love everything you write and the way you write…Keep the posts coming,in separate blogs or not,I don’t care…as long as you entertain me and all the other readers! :) Love from Verona

  3. Becky says:

    Lol pls start a personal blog…

  4. Mitzi Estefania de Maa says:

    Also, I JUST bought essential oils from Young Living and will start the oil revolution here at our home. I can’t wait, I have been obsessing with them even before having em. I will let you know how it’s going with them :)

  5. Mitzi Estefania de Maa says:

    YES!! you need a personal blog. You are so funny and keep things real. I would read it :)

  6. MirellaC. says:

    Really, you’re hilarious! You write SO good, you def. need a personal blog ;) I’m a mama to a 6months-old girl and the hair loss – o, dear!!!now that i’m on the mama side of the buisness, i realise why moms have shorter hair after a while. My turn! ,)