A few weeks ago, we packed up our bags and hopped on a plane with the kids to visit our family in Georgia. We had such a great week over there, relaxing plenty, exploring the Atlanta area, and doing a little country living too. It’s such a great little state, that Georgia. You’ve got a little of everything; a little city, a little urban, a little country. Okay, maybe a lot country. But either way, the kids were in heaven. The weather was ahhhh-mazing (so that’s what spring feels like?!) so we kept busy doing lots of outdoors activities. When we first arrived, we put on sweaters and Emerson declared, “I LOVE winter!!” and we all had a great laugh at that because wow, is he a Floridian. I was a bit nervous taking Sienna on her first flight but that girl dozed off just as the plane took off and Adi and I exchanged one of those “did this seriously just happen? let’s not fist pump just yet because jinxing…” looks. Then she did it again on the flight back home and we were all, that’s it! we’re going to Europe! Emerson loves the plane and would stay on it all day long if he could so really now, there’s no reason to delay that trip. Except for the sleep regression, time change, and costs… minor details, friends… minor details. Anyhow, back to Georgia.

Thought I would share some photos with you all from our trip. It’s really sad how often I use my iPhone for photos and how little I actually use my “real” camera. Out of the 7 days there, I only brought it out with us 3 times. Shaking my head (and for the cool kids, I know it’s smh because I googled that not too long ago, but hashtag imoldschool and still spell things out. hey, at least i use hashtags).

We flew in the morning of Good Friday so the next day, we organized a little Easter egg hunt for Emerson around the house. He was SO excited, it was the sweetest thing ever. This almost 3 years old age is so much fun, I can’t gush enough about it.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (2)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (1)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (3)

The picture below on the left is so funny to me because we thought he had found them all and forgot that there was one hidden behind the column, and when we started cheering that he was done, he declared “uite guys! Mai UNA!! Emerson nu e gata!!,” which translates to “look guys! there’s one more! Emerson is NOT finished!!”. He never wanted it to end, bless his heart.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (4)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (6)

Our Easter family photo after church. Never take photos “after” anything, but hey, we got one where everyone’s looking at the camera so yay for us! ;)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (20)

We went to a dairy farm one day where we learned all sorts of neat information, but really, we were there for the ice cream, which as you will see, Emerson takes very seriously. He gets that from his mama.


GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (5)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (7)

My cousin, Josh, was our amazing tour guide and he had SO many great activities and places to visit for us. We only got to half, because a toddler and a baby and naps and Atlanta traffic (!!!), but this day was probably my favorite. Can you believe this is the view from a coffee shop?! People can get a light lunch, a coffee or tea or smoothie, and spread their blanket on a lawn while enjoying this incredible view of Chattachoochee River. It was so beautiful and peaceful and I could have easily parked myself there for the entire day.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (16)

This man of mine is the best father ever. i love that he skips rocks and runs around public areas with our son and builds forts and slow dances with our daughter and stays up nights with her when she regresses. Sorry for the moment there but, they’re so lucky to have him.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (17)

Also, this face and baby shorts. gosh, is there anything better?

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (15)

My sweet boy and his hunkyunky Josh, who he didn’t let out of his sight the entire week. Sorry for all the 7am wakeups, Josh.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (12)

Sienna cracks us up so much. She saw her brother’s smoothie and squealed with excitement. Soon, baby girl…. soon.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (18)

Speaking of soon, I can’t wait to see these two running around together!

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography_ (2)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography_ (5)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography_ (3)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (11)

Sienna loves her hunkyunky too!

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (8)

Piedmont park and a view of the city that was so beautiful. This was a warmer day so it felt a little like home, without the humidity. It feels SO strange (and awesome) to walk around and not sweat, haha.

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography_ (4)

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (9)

Isn’t she lovely?! My husband is a huge Georgia fan (as in, he’s been wanting to move for years) and this time around, he was able to convince me that it really is pretty great. Still doesn’t beat my ocean but hey, can’t have it all I guess.  Thanks for the great times, Georgia!

GeorgiaSpringTrip_2015_DianaLupuPhotography (10)