Is that you Friday? Already?! Scratch that… Is it seriously almost mid-November?!! Good heavens. “Fall” in Florida is always busy wedding season and I’m almost near the end. This year has been such a blessing for us in every way and I’m so thankful & proud of this little business of mine. It feels like every year can’t get any better but somehow, it does. It’s not that I have the most extravagant, over the top weddings. I haven’t booked anything in Italy or traveled to Morocco for a wedding (not that I would mind). And I don’t always get the outdoor sunset weddings that have perfect light. Sometimes it rains, sometimes my weddings are simple, and sometimes they’re stressful. Sometimes, the timeline doesn’t work out or Uncle Bob gets in my way. But here’s the best part: ALL of my weddings are filled with so much love. And to me, it doesn’t get any better. I love the details, I love the dress and the shoes, I love the rings, and I love shooting that bouquet and those gorgeous floral arrangements. But so much more than that, I love those two souls joining together as one. For me, it’s about the first time the groom sees his bride, the stolen glances that sometimes only I see, the softest touch, the sweetest embrace, the emotional tears, and all the joy in the world. So yea, it somehow just gets better and better.  0713-421

I’ve been so blessed to have couples that turn into friends. I’ve been so lucky to have their support and feel their love. Every wedding this year has been so special for Adi and I as we’ve seen God’s hand in everything we’ve been given. I’m so excited to see what the future holds and how God will continue to use us and our business to change us for the better. PS. I can guarantee this won’t be the last of the “grateful” posts… it is Thanksgiving month after all!

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