Two years old!! I can’t even believe it! I honestly don’t know how much of this growing up business my heart can take. ;) We celebrated our sweet boy yesterday with all the things he so dearly loves and had just about the best day ever. We asked him how he wanted to start his birthday celebration and he declared train!! So off we went to ride trains at 8am and had pretty much the entire mall to ourselves. We then went out for breakfast where E ordered pancakes and bacon (the kid loves his bacon) and ate like the big boy that he now is. He squealed with excitement when that bacon came and we just had so much fun watching him devour it. He requested a “red” smoothie afterwards and I’m never one to turn that request down since I always get to finish what he can’t. The rest of the day involved lots of play with Nina and Nunu (what he calls my parents), balloons, blowing out his candles no less than 10 times, cake, ice cream, and staying up past his bedtime! I don’t know if he realizes how loved he is but we sure felt it between his aunties and unkie coming over to share cake with him and the oh so many sweet messages and phone calls he received. Nothing fills our hearts more than knowing how very special he is to others and we can’t wait to continue his birthday celebration this weekend with our family.


He takes his smoothie drinking very seriously and basically has my husband’s focused facial expression each time. Dear heavens, do I love it.

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For the past two years, E has lit up our lives with so much joy, so much fun, so much love, that it’s really hard to imagine we did life without him before. I used to hear people say “I can’t imagine life before our kids” all the time and didn’t really get it. How could you forget? You lived for so long and just fine might I add, without the diaper changes, the late nights, the stress of ear infections and tooth aches so why in the world can’t you remember life before all that jazz and a big of chips happened? And if I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really believe them. But what I’ve learned is that it’s not that I can’t remember life before Emerson, because I can. It’s more that life didn’t make as much sense to me as it does now. I don’t know how to say it without being cheesy, but I was born to be that boy’s mother and there’s nothing I love more in the entire world. While I don’t always love every aspect that comes with motherhood (why can’t babies come out of the womb potty trained?), I sure do love being HIS mama.

DianaLupuPhotography_Emerson2ndBirthday_010DianaLupuPhotography_Emerson2ndBirthday_008The night before his birthday, I stayed up in bed and looked through all his photos from the past year or so on my phone and let the happiest tears flow down my cheeks. It’s not difficult for me to cry when I talk about E and how much I love this family of mine because you know, hormones, but they are the happiest kind of tears you can imagine. I’m just so undeserving of it all and so incredibly grateful for the gift of having not only a healthy family, but a son that is everything I dreamed and prayed for. He is all kinds of sweet and cuddly and sensitive and rambunctious and funny and playful and I just can’t get enough of his little spirit. I find myself praying that those qualities I so adore in him never change and that God just continues to mold them into something that is far beyond anything I could teach or encourage as a parent. In 2 short years, he has captured our hearts like we never imagined and we just can’t wait to see all that’s in store for us as a family!

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I know the time we have with him being this small and being this crazy about us is so short, so I’m tugging and holding on to these memories with everything in me. Emerson, you’re just the greatest there is. You love typical boy things like cars and big trucks and you are pretty impressive when it comes to sports and music, qualities and gifts your father and I definitely do not possess. You love kicking soccer balls, dribbling basketballs, and throwing around any other ball you can get your hand on, and these days, you take everything and turn it into a guitar. We catch you strumming away on legos, books, even your sippy cups, and it’s kind of the cutest thing ever. You also love singing and we probably have at least 50 videos of your “performances”, which we look forward to sharing one day with your future girlfriend. ;) You are putting together sentences and your mind absorbs things like a sponge, which is quite entertaining and scary at the same time. We’ve mostly taught you Romanian and that gets really interesting when you’re at the park trying to talk to the other kids. You’re not a fan of sweets unless it’s ice cream or frozen yogurt and your favorite snack is a good old cucumber. That part you get from your papa because Lord knows I will eat anything sweet. You’re content doing almost anything, but you’re at your happiest when you’re at the beach. You could spend all day, every day there which makes us so glad to live in Florida. You are fiercely protective of me and I can’t say I don’t love seeing you envious of when your papa hugs me for too long and tells you that I’m his. Without fail, you always say, mama MINE and do not appreciate anyone else claiming that spot. We laugh about it and think it’s the most adorable thing ever.  We can’t wait to see you be a big brother and we just know that you will love your little sister with everything in you. There’s just so much about you that I wish I could bottle up, but writing it all down and being able to take dozens of photos and videos of you each day definitely helps preserve those memories. My big 2 year old boy, we love you with all our hearts and are just so lucky to have you be ours. We are privileged to be your mama and papa and we can’t quite wrap our minds around the fact that God is just so good to us. We pray that He molds you and shapes you into a young man that will love and serve Him and that he blesses all your days with the best kind of blessings He could possibly give. Happy Birthday, Emerson! We love you so!

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