I say this every year, but I can’t believe we are here… I have a 4 year old. FOUR! That’s pre-school, almost full time school, inquisitive, curious, way too many hormones and emotions, have an opinion about errrrrrthing, age. Each year that passes, I feel the time slipping faster and faster and a stronger than the last sense of desperation as I try my very best to hold on to this time. I don’t want to make this post about that since birthdays are happy and we love celebrating them, but a part of me always gets just a teeny tiny bit sad during these milestones as well. Can’t they just be little forever?!

If you follow along on my personal instagram account, you’ve probably already read some of this, but we had the best time celebrating Emerson on his actual birthday with a donut breakfast (strawberry with sprinkles, per his request), a trip to the zoo, and his first ever movie theater experience! Adi and I tucked him into bed that night and said a prayer of thanks and blessings over him because we give God all the glory for the amazing gift that he is to our family. All week leading up to his birthday, my husband and I sat in bed after the kids were asleep and watched videos of E  from the time we brought him home from the hospital. Of course I cried through most of them, but we also laughed so much. I’m so grateful for technology that allows us to preserve memories I would have otherwise forgotten.

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We recently moved Sienna into Emerson’s room and I think he has been more excited about that than actually turning 4, ha! It’s the best sound to wake up to, the two of them giggling and I often find him in her crib (that kid can climb) hugging and loving on her. He is the best big brother to her and she adores him to no end (except for when they want to play with the same toys.. it’s all downhill then). He is still the same calculated boy he’s always been, but gets more adventurous with his decisions if he sees others do something with no negative outcome. He is a complete social butterfly, always asking for play dates, randomly introducing himself to strangers (something I unfortunately have to sometimes discourage… so many thoughts about that, but another time), and he can’t wait for Sunday school so that he can be with his friends. He is the biggest animal lover and wants to know every fact about every animal, particularly orca whales. So much so, that if you check my google search history, you’ll find all sorts of weird questions like, what do whales eat? why are otters so playful? and what’s that thing on the top of a roosters head called? Wish I was kidding, you guys. His favorite game is “play pup” where he has me pretend to be his puppy and he plays fetch with me, feeds me, and pets me. And yes, it has been documented for blackmail by my thoughtful husband. He loves super heroes, although he has never seen an episode or movie with one of them in his life. It’s all from his own imagination, books, and stories his daddy has told him, which I especially love. He’s hilarious and silly, yet has this sensitive, compassionate side to him.  He’s affectionate, a protector, and a pleaser (very opposite from what his sister seems to be, ha!). He is FINALLY loving reading books with us and has his favorite bible stories (currently David and Goliath and of course, Jonah and the whale), but my favorite thing is how he will just believe anything we read or tell him without a single doubt. Oh, to have the faith of a child.

A few weeks ago, I went to strap him in his car seat, when he told me he could do it by himself. I told him he was growing way too fast, to which he grabbed my face with both his little hands and said “but I promise, I’m your baby forever.” I’m probably raising such a mama’s boy but I don’t even care because good heavens, he is my dream boy through and through.

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We decided pretty last minute to throw him a little party on the 4th of July because we thought it would be fun to continue the tradition of having fireworks on his day and celebrate two birthdays (happiest to you, America!) with friends and a good ol’ barbecue. Below are a few photos for those that want to see!


If you know me, you know how painful it was to plan some decorations for a “super hero” birthday party (which, he begged and begged for, despite my greatest efforts for other themes). I am drawn to simple, earthy, clean designs and super heroes are anything but that. He loved it though and was so giddy with excitement, which made all the clashing colors completely worth it. ;) The delicious cakes and s’mores brownies by The Little Sugars definitely helped (thanks, Sarah!). We rented a water slide and turned on the hose for some cooling down and more than decent baby sitting (ha!), had a water balloon fight, spider web fight (the kids just shot silly string all over themselves) and let the smaller babies splash around in the little pools. This gave us adults the opportunity to actually enjoy ourselves and hang out a bit while still keeping the kids entertained… a total win-win! Everyone lasted until the firework show, which we watched from the backyard, a perk to living so close to a concert/sports center. It was such a great day!

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A big thank you to everyone who came! We love you guys!