Happy Easter!


I’ve always loved Easter so much. Mostly because of what it represents, but also because with it, comes a promise of a new season; one that is filled with blooming trees and warmer air, replacing the old with the new, and a deep appreciation for the little joys that come with seeing those bright yellow tulips everywhere. I want to fill my house with those beauties. We had such a great weekend celebrating, cooking & eating, and spending time with our family in our new home! It’s been such a blessing living 20 feet away from my parents and being able to share a huge yard for E to run around in, cook meals together, and have so much more room to host family get togethers. We love this home we’ve built so much and making new memories has been my absolute favorite part. With Emerson growing and grasping things more and more, holidays just get better and better! I can’t tell you how much pure joy lives in the heart of a child and how contagious it is. And, who knew cracking and peeling eggs would keep him entertained for so long? Still won’t eat ’em though, which really is tragic in my opinion. It’s so crazy exciting to think that by this time next year, we will be a family of four and make brand new traditions together. Life man, it’s really something beautiful.

Anyway, here are a few photos from our Easter together as we celebrated our Lord and Savior, who rose from the dead, bringing new life and victory over the chains of sin. I feel so blessed to know the power of the resurrection in my life and in my family’s life and the joy it has brought my heart. I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday!

DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_012 DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_009

Behold my friends, the art of the “fake smile”, as demonstrated below by my boys. Adi has taught E this “technique” and I can’t stop laughing every time they do it together.


Also, E loves when I wear long dresses… he plays with it and says “nice” and then my mama heart explodes. He especially is fascinated when I wear lipstick and gives me this funny little look. Clearly, I don’t wear makeup enough.

DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_003 DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_006

While I painted eggs, E painted his own wooden ones. I hung them on a floral arrangement and plan to keep them forever.

DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_005 DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_010 DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_001

Playing soccer in the backyard with his auntie and uncle. This kid is obsessed with kicking and throwing balls around, and sometimes, Adi and I will sneak in his room and hear him saying “GOOAAAALLLL”. That’s my boy!

DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_004 DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_011 DianaLupuPhotography_Easter2014_007

My dad snapped this of us and yes, it’s a bit out of focus and E is confused as to why someone besides us is behind the camera, but I still love it. :)


  1. becky says:

    cuties!!!! love you guys!