Happy New Year!


So, it’s almost February and I’m about to tell you all about my Christmas. HA! No, but seriously, I’m almost embarrassed to even post this. I debated changing the title about 20 times because who writes a New Years post at the end of January? Like, there go my resolutions. Anyway, here goes nothing: Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful celebration into 2016! Ours was filled with family, lots of baking, game nights, and per usual, more calories than I’d like to discuss. It was my favorite season yet, even though I feel like I’ll be saying that every year because holidays with kids? That’s where it’s at, you guys. Gosh, it feels like so long ago but let me tell you… those days spent in our jammies, making home cooked meals together, and watching movies (hey, Hallmark! Don’t even worry about nearly ruining my marriage.. seriously, keep those cheesy films with perfect snow and one layer of clothing in quaint towns with zero twists and the happiest endings coming. They give me all the feelings and I love them.), was just what we needed. It was simple and quiet (okay, not really quiet, but you know… sounds good) and joyful and cozy. And merry and bright. You can’t do Christmas without merry and bright. Why am I still talking about Christmas for Pete’s sake?…


At the beginning of this year, my husband, Adi, and I talked a lot about what the New Year represents for us and how it seems that with each coming one, we focus on achieving more, setting higher goals, and improving ourselves in every seemingly possible way. I’m the first person that looks back and thinks of how I could have done better and what can be improved. Especially this time of year when we get a “fresh” start. Reflection and self improvement is good and even necessary for our own growth and quality of life, but sometimes, I also feel the pressure we put on ourselves can overshadow all the good that is existing. So this New Year, we made a decision to be less focused on all we want to do and more on contentment and gratitude for all we have. Personally and professionally. We may never feel we are enough, and perhaps that’s because we will never be enough, and I think that’s okay too. At the end of the day, we have each other and grace from above that abundantly covers us, which in it of itself is enough. More than enough—it’s all we really need.


I wanted to share some personal favorites from our 2015 weddings, which are mostly new as I have yet to blog them (and since you already know how that “resolution” is going for me, I won’t make any promises).  Ozzy Garcia, Nathalie of Luxe Fete, and Eileen of Beauty in the Making, a big thank you for involving me and working so hard to make things beautiful. I am so excited for all that 2016 has in store! Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest 2016 and you know… Happy Valentine’s Day too while I’m at it. ;)

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Wedding Photos by Diana Lupu Photography

Wedding Photos by Diana Lupu Photography


Wedding Photos by Diana Lupu Photography



Wedding Photos by Diana Lupu Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photos by Diana Lupu Photography32 31 30