Yesterday was my amazing husband’s birthday and I managed to convince him to take the day off from work. I had a few good surprises in store for him and I think I was more excited than him! I live for pulling fast ones on my man. ;) Emerson and I got an early start in the morning and ran off to grab breakfast while we let papa sleep in a little longer. Adi has been working so hard for us, leaving his job every evening and heading over to the new house to work until ungodly hours just so we can move sooner. And on Saturdays, rather than resting, he cleans all my equipment, packs our bags, and heads out with me to photograph weddings. I’ve always known him to be a hard worker and very dedicated to taking care of his family, but my favorite part about him? He NEVER complains. Lord knows I complain enough for the both of us, but this man… he is just the greatest on earth. So this year, I really wanted to think outside of the box and get him something he would really enjoy. After breakfast, we played with E until he was ready for his nap, and then we curled up on the couch and watched a movie together. It was rainy and cold out, so it was kind of perfect. After E woke up, we went out for a walk in the drizzling rain and stopped by The Cheese Course for a yummy cheese platter and some wine. It’s never to early for a glass of wine on your birthday, right? We had so much fun watching E try all the cheeses… his facial expressions have us cracking up all day long.

DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_05 DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_06

This photo below cracks me up. Adi shaved that morning and E had just noticed. He grabbed his papa’s face and said “wooow”, followed by a kiss. So funny.

DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_04 DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_03 DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_01 DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_07

A new fascination with his tongue. I know we shouldn’t encourage it but we find it so stinkin’ adorable. Also, bought him a sweater that doesn’t quite fit yet. Oops.


“BIG hug” for the birthday man from his little boy.

DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_14 DianaLupuPhotography_HappyBirthdayLove_IMG_0114_13

Gosh, we love this child.


After our lovely walk in the drizzling rain (so much fun!!), we took E to grandma’s and headed out to the date I had planned for Adi. I’m not big on guns and have zero desire to ever shoot one, but there’s a 007 living deep inside within my husband (and possibly most men?). Instead of a regular shooting range, which I’ve never even been to, I found a machine gun, combat shooting range. Clearly, we at the Lupu household don’t do anything small, ha! I have to admit, I was definitely nervous being around those things, but Adi’s face when we pulled up and realized where we were was SO worth it. He was so surprised and later confessed that was the “coolest” thing he’d ever done. Wife of the year award anyone? I think so. Also, I will say this: my husband is the hottest 007 in the world.

Afterwards, we went out for a long, romantic dinner and talked about anything and everything. These days, with everything going on, it’s so hard to sit down and have a long conversation, so that was probably my favorite part about the night. We tried so hard to go see a movie afterwards but decided our sleep was definitely more valuable. Yep, we’re getting old. ;)


Ladies and Gents, behold, my hottstuff combat shooter. Just look at that perfect form and check out how well he did for his first time! Sidenote, I don’t know what I was more afraid of, those weapons or our trainer. He is an armed force specialist and is currently based here. He told us some of his crazy experiences and was so interesting to listen to. I think Adi found a new best friend. If any of you are from Miami and want a really cool, totally safe, legit experience, then Lock and Load is a must!


My love, thank you for all you do for us and for making us the center of your world. You ARE my world and I’m the luckiest there is to be able to do life with someone like you. You are the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t believe I get to have your children (well, child for now), wake up next to you every morning, watch you grow in so many ways, and call you mine forever. I am so thankful that Emerson has you for a father and there is nothing I love more than seeing how much he adores and loves his papa. Seeing you two together is a daily reminder of just how good God is. E and I are so blessed to have you guide us, take care of us, and set such a wonderful example for us. I love your big, kind heart, your compassion for those around you, and your desire to draw nearer to Jesus Christ every single day. I know this is completely cliche and totally cheesy to say, but I’m totally, head over heels, doodle hearts all over your name, crazy in love with you. Handsome face, love of my life, Happy Birthday. Let’s keep on celebrating all weekend long!

  1. Jennifer Olariu says:

    You brought tears to my eyes, Diana! I love how you write! Ben’s 30th birthday just passed and I was too sick to plan anything for him. Now that I am in the 2nd trimester, I am struggling to come up with something unique that he will not expect! Thank you for the wonderful ideas:)

  2. I love this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with us! You wrote the sweetest thing about him.. you’re awesome! Ovi’s 30th is this year and I’m trying to come up with something amazing for him. IDEAS! :D