It’s A….


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GIRL!!!!!! You guys… A GIRL!!!! I can’t even tell you how completely surprised we were to find this out… and SO excited! I was 100% positive that this baby was a boy and even had a name picked out. My pregnancy was a little different in the beginning, so that should have been my first clue, but as time went on, it felt so familiar and memories of E in my belly just flooded back. So naturally, I assumed that it had to be a boy. I feel guilty admitting this, but I actually wanted a boy. Maybe it’s because my experience with my son has been so amazing and he is just the sweetest soul out there or maybe it’s because I saw myself raising a little soccer team and being perfectly content with having them protect me and love me just as E does. But let me tell you, once Adi and I found out that there’s a little girl growing in me, it’s been a whole new world for me. One where I imagine what her little features will look like, how we will bond over silly girl things, and watch her look to her big brother for guidance. It will be E’s job to love and protect her and I just know he will be incredible at it. He already kisses her and puts his little toys on my belly for her and my mama heart just explodes. It’s crazy to think that we were meant to be this way and that God’s plan is so beautiful. I’m just so grateful.

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Before my grandmother passed, I went to visit her in Romania and came home with this rug that she handmade from different clothing articles of hers (how fun was her wardrobe?!). I loved the colors so much and plan to put this under baby girl’s crib. I already know it’s going to be my favorite thing in her little nursery corner and a very special reminder of how much I adore my grandmother and miss her.

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Thanks hunny for taking these and thanks Emerson for bringing mama’s hat and promptly putting it on my head. I love you both so much.

  1. Becky says:

    Such cutness!!!! Can’t wait to hug and kiss baby Lupu!!!

  2. christine says:

    First, OMGOMGOMG It’s a girl! Second, you look drop-dead-gorgeous. And third, this shoot is styled to perfection and HOW AMAZING is that rug??? And what a beautiful heirloom to be passed down to you and baby girl from such an amazing woman.