Key West Trip


These photos are so long overdue, I wasn’t even going to post them. Partially because these were taken pre-Emerson’s haircut and I so miss his curls, and partially because, well… it was back in January that we took this trip. But now that we’re in the middle of a crazy busy season of work, Adi and I find ourselves daydreaming out loud about going back to this little oasis that we so loved. Nestled in The Keys is the most adorable little resort called Tranquility Bay, and just it’s name alone is enough to make me want to pack my bags up pronto. Right after New Years, a group of us decided the best way to kick off 2014 was with a vacation. I think we all secretly hoped it would set the tone for what the year had in store. When taking trips with friends, the ladies usually end up finding where to stay, eat, and what to do, but this time, we took a gamble on Adi as he swore he read tons of great reviews and proceeded to woo us with pictures. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous as I’m definitely the planner in our little family, but this fine husband of mine did not disappoint one bit. He also makes sure to remind me of his “great” find and fantastic planning skills to this day. Men. ;)

DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_020 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_019 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_021

Adorable, right? Unfortunately, our plans of laying out on their private beaches and working on our tans were quickly squashed when a cold front hit that weekend. Ugh—I tried convincing myself that it was best this way since this meant less wrinkles to deal with in the future, but who was I kidding? I was bummed. Here’s the cool part about having a little one along for the trip: they don’t care about the weather and they sure don’t waste a minute sulking around. We quickly snapped out of it and made our way to the beach for games of “catch”, long walks, and building sand mountains that E loved to destroy (castles are for girls according to my husband, who uses that as an excuse because he has no idea how to build them). It was so much fun seeing him squeal and run out to the sand every chance he got… made me want to live on the beach for sure. We also baked warm apple pie, made extra chocolately hot chocolate, ate amazing local foods, and played games until the wee hours of the night. It ended up being one of the most relaxing trips we’ve been on and we loved every minute. It was so great to have our best friends and family along for the trip too… besides the free babysitting, it’s always fun when you vacation with a group.

DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_027 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_018

Know what else is fun? Sleeping in the same bed with your toddler who refuses to sleep in his pack and play because mama and papa’s bed looks much comfier. Hats off to all the co-sleepers out there and either you all have great chiropractors or backs of steel because good lawd have mercy, that child kicked and punched his way through the night like a boss. I remember waking up with a fist in the mouth and thought I was surely going to have a swollen lip in the morning. That was until I took an elbow to the eye and suddenly that swollen lip felt like cake. I have to admit though, that waking up to him stretching, saying “haalllooo” to us both and giving out lots of morning hugs as we snuggled together under the covers was definitely worth it. Well, almost. ;) Here are some of my favorite pics from our weekend away that one time back in January!

DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_013 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_012 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_026DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_022 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_023

This picture makes me laugh. Emerson got this adorable little outfit from our good friend, Lauren, and every time I’d put it on, it was always too big. I decided to take it on the trip after seeing the forecast and go figure, it was about 4 inches too short! These kids grow at lightning speeds but hey, besides the occasional wedgie (kidding!) he rocked it. ;)

DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_024 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_008 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_009

One of my favorites of my boys:

DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_010 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_011 DianaLupuPhotography_KeyWestTrip_028

Sometimes I get a little nervous with how friendly E is when it comes to four legged animals. He loves and wants to hug each animal that crosses his path and usually has some kind of snack in his hand, which makes this mama extra nervous. Just look at that cat eyeing his cracker. Lucky for all of them, E is quick to give away those snacks. Unlucky for us, that’s probably why they kept following us around all weekend long.


Man, do I miss those curls! And I know I’m his mama and all, but his little tiptoe stance, and those legs kill me dead. I fully confess in letting him run around in his diaper just so I can kiss those baby creases. Can’t. Get. Enough.