So excited to share one of my most favorite engagement shoots to date with you all! Last week, the three of us roamed the streets of Palm Beach in search for a few perfect spots, which took all of 3 minutes to find. Every corner was perfectly charming with it’s vibrant colors, beautiful courtyards, and that bougainvillea, which I could easily do an entire shoot in front of! I fell hard over heels for Palm beach and fully plan to explore it more in the very near future. But back to this beautiful couple… I’ve been selfishly waiting for them to get engaged since they began dating just so I could get my camera on them. Some could say I hired myself to be their wedding photographer, HA! ;) I’ve known them both for a very long time and am just so excited for them. They are so in love and so sweet with one another… completely evident by the fact that I literally spent most of my work day just trying not to blog the entire shoot. Scroll below to see!

  1. Dana says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  2. Stacy says:

    Wow these are allll so beautiful!!!