“Winter” is my most favorite season in South Florida because–you guessed it–the weather is absolute heaven. And by winter, I mean an average temperature of mid to upper 70’s. So really, spring for most of the country, haha. The sun is still warm on your skin, yet the humidity is virtually gone and replaced instead by a breeze that feels reviving, yet so soothing. If you haven’t experienced S. Florida this time of year, you’re probably reading this with that doubtful frown (you know the kind with the one raised eyebrow), but truly, it’s a must see and a must feel. And then you’ll completely get my drift, no pun intended. ;)


Anyway, how did we get here? Ah, yes… I was going to say that this session took place last month, just as our “winter” started to show her beautiful face. I love, love, loveeeee photographing anything this time of year and this session had me smiling from ear to ear, not wanting to stop. The only drawback to this season is how quickly it gets dark so I have no choice, but just ask these two below… I go to the very last bit of light. So, a little tip for my brides: if you want extra photos, schedule your session Dec-March, and you’ll probably get a little more photos than usual, ha! ;) I am so excited to be photographing Miriam and Sam’s wedding, especially after their session. They are such a go with the flow, relaxed couple, absolutely adorable, and just so nice. Like really, really NICE. So that, plus Miami winter? I mean, perfect session. Also, I photographed Sam’s sister’s wedding and his brother’s so by now, I pretty much feel like part of the fam. I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate that. :)