Today marks 11 months since you’ve blessed our lives by becoming ours. Eleven months… whoa. That gives us exactly 30 more days with you as our little baby—well, officially anyway. Emerson, my sweet little boy, I wish I could find the words to describe how very much your daddy and I love you. From the moment you wake up in the morning with that goofy grin on your face to the very last yawn at night when you cuddle on our shoulders, you are nothing but pure joy. Our lives are happier, brighter, sweeter, and totally complete with you. And you’re so much fun! We laugh all day long at your discoveries, your little antics, and your big personality. You love singing, you love walking, and you’re obsessed with being outside. So much so, that I can count on hearing you banging on the front door or waving “bye-bye” at me, letting me know you’re going outside with or without me at least 10 times a day. On my worst days, your energy and that big smile that is plastered on your face, makes my world happy again.



Your daddy and I are so lucky to have been chosen to be yours. From the beginning, we’ve celebrated every single milestone you’ve hit, big or small, with photos, videos, journaling, silly clapping, and lots of “yay’s!!!” You crawled before you could sit up confidently, at 6 months. And three weeks later, when you picked yourself up by holding on to furniture, we knew it wouldn’t be long before you took your first steps. I tried to hold you in my arms as much as I possibly could because I knew the day was soon coming when you would want to be on your own. At 9 months and two weeks, your daddy and I were playing with you on our floor when we saw you crawl over to the wall, pick yourself up, turn to us, and before we could even grab our cameras, you took three confident steps towards us. I have a confession to make: I cried that night. I know that to some people that just sounds silly, but to me, you were growing too fast. It was all happening way too quickly and I was secretly hoping you would take your time growing up. But it’s okay because even though you don’t always want to be held in my arms, you still want to hold my hand as you discover this world on your own two feet… and that’s pretty darn awesome. Last month, you started to know how to “play” with us and let me just tell you, your daddy and I have never had more fun. You not so quietly hide from us and when we “find” you, the squeals and bouts of laughter that come from you make us the happiest bunch in the world.

Your perfect day is when mommy and daddy are both home, you get to go to the pool (goodness, do you love being in water), and then a picnic at the park where you swing for as long as we can push. You don’t care for slides much and you’re more interested in picking up sticks while walking around with them like a warrior heading for battle. Should your daddy or I try and take those sticks away from you, prepare for World War IV everyone. Though you are fun and adventurous, you’re also kind of an old soul. We often find you quietly looking out the window in apparent deep thought. You sometimes get real serious and just sit with your books around you, and I daydream of you being a writer or a poet. But then you take your little drum stick (my wooden spoon) and bang on the books, and well, that’s the end of that daydream.
You have your preferences of who can hold you and love on you and you’re kind of cautious when it comes to strangers. You smile at almost everyone, but some people you’ll go right up to and others you’ll run away from. I sometimes feel bad for chuckling at the way you “choose” people, because we really have no idea what your criteria is. Grandma and grandpa are your favorite and you are your happiest when our home is full of people you know and love. You prefer me the most, which I love, but your daddy is your world. He is the only one you give endless hugs to and when you hear keys in the door, you will stop everything and run towards it with your arms stretched wide open. Oh, how I love you both.
You adore your friend Abi, and she adores you right back. It’s the sweetest thing to watch the two of you together.

My sweet Emerson, we love you oh so much. We’re the luckiest in the whole world and we can’t imagine life without you. Our hearts are the fullest they’ve ever been with you in our lives and we can’t wait to keep on doing life with you as our baby. Happy 11 months, Ems!