In just one short month, my cousin is marrying his dream girl and I just couldn’t be more excited for these two! It’s still crazy to think that the boy I held as a baby is getting married, but goodness, do we all adore Tabita. Besides her obvious beauty, she loves him so much and her heart just shines goodness, which is all you could want for someone you love so dearly. I remember telling Nelu when he first introduced us that he’d better hold on to her for dear life. Especially since Emerson had (still does) a pretty big crush on her from day 1.

Even though Nelu is no longer the shy boy that I always told would make the girls swoon, I hold on to certain memories I have of him pretty close to my heart. He has turned into a young man of such good character & substance, always respectful, and my personal favorite, a really, really great uncle. ;) I’m just so proud of who he is as a person and I know he’s going to make such a wonderful, loving husband to T.


These photos were taken on an unusually warm first day of 2016 and it was so refreshing to start the year off with two young souls that love one another so purely, so joyfully, and so simply. I sometimes feel that with time and age, we lose a little bit of that magic, and spending time with them was a beautiful reminder of how it should be. Always.


N&T, I love you guys deeply and I can’t wait until the day that I get to witness and photograph you both declaring your vows before God. Oh, you guys. :)


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  1. Mitzi says:

    Oh my gosh. You are insanely talented. Keep this up!!!