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Overlook Barn North Carolina Wedding: Claudia & Jonny - Diana Lupu Photography

We all waited for this day for a loooonnnnggg time… the day that my cousin and my best friend would marry her soul mate. She took her time finding Jonny (or rather, he found her) and we can all say with so much joy that it was worth the wait. And I’m not talking about her age, because she’s obviously very young, but she has been through quite a lot and my wish for her was to be deeply loved and cherished, which fills my heart so much to see now.


Let me just say this about their day: there were a lot of tears, even more laughter, the most beautiful Jesus centered ceremony I’ve ever witnessed, an incredible view, and a campfire at the end of the night, amongst many other details. Surrounded by all of their closest family and friends, Claudia and Jonny celebrated their love with a destination wedding in the mountains of North Carolina at the Overlook Barn, where they said their vows to the tune of nature in the background and made their day about honoring Christ and their guests, rather than themselves. There was one particular moment that stands out above the rest for me, and there were many, which took place during the ceremony when the praise and worship team asked the guests to whistle a song. I stepped back to get a photo of it and was taken aback by how beautiful it sounded. There, with the glorious mountains behind them, echoed whistles that filled the air and it was beautiful… a sound that if I close my eyes, I can still hear. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

Claudia, I don’t have to say much because you know. You know what you mean to me. You know how much I value you and the memories I have with you and how excited I am to for all that’s to come. And you know, how hard and deep and wide I love you. You also know how I can’t really write you anything without getting very emotional so we’ll just leave it at this: my heart rejoices so much in knowing that I got to photograph your wedding, stand by you as your best gal, and watch my children take part in your day (they still talk about it, so you know it was a good one). It was my most favorite wedding because it was yours. And Jonny, we feel like you’ve always been a part of the family and that is a testiment to your character and your great, big, happy, loving heart. Thank you for finding Claudia but mostly thank you for loving her the way you do. My kids couldn’t have picked a better uncle if they tried. Love you guys and so excited to share some of my most favorite photos with my readers! Enjoy!