Puerto Rico!


Hi, there! Every now and then, this incredible “job” of mine takes us on little traveling adventures. We recently went to Puerto Rico for a wedding and took a few extra days to explore that beautiful island. For weeks, we kept going back and forth between staying a few extra days away from the kids or just returning home right away. We’ve never been away for that long from both the kids and I had some anxiety over it, but in the end, they stayed with my parents and had such a blast. Between you and me, I think they kind of can’t wait for Adi and I to go away again, ha! Their aunties visited them and took them on little adventures and I’m pretty sure let Emerson eat whatever he wanted. Also, bedtime? What bedtime?! We just couldn’t be more thankful for them and all they do for us. Family, man. There’s nothing like it.

Anyway, Puerto Rico!! We did tons of research and decided to rent a car and drive the entire island, stopping along the way. We didn’t even see half of the things on our list but we did eat the most amazing food (still dreaming of the mofongo), hiked through caves, visited remote beaches, mingled with the locals, and ended in Old San Juan. We had quite a few “adventures” along the way that there’s no need to make mention of on here… except for the fall of shame in a pile of mud because “follow me babe… this way is safer”… said no Diana Lupu ever. That one is too good not to share. Of course, you try really hard to not talk about the kids but for us, it’s just impossible and we ended up watching every single video of them and dreaming up future trips with them. But it also felt a little like the pre-kids days, where we stayed up late talking, sleeping in past 8 (what the what?!?!), holding hands everywhere, and not having to carry wipes and diapers was also kind of sweet. ;) It was a trip that reminded us that we really need to take care of our relationship with each other just as much as the relationship with the family. It reminded us to turn the focus back on us every now and then without the guilt of being away from the kids. It’s so necessary and even though we missed the kids like crazy, we’re so thankful for that time alone of just being stupidly in love and probably annoying Puerto Ricans everywhere.

We didn’t take our fancy cameras because we were afraid of leaving them in the cars and those things are just too heavy to trek along, so all the photos were taken with our phones. The first two days were spent at the Ritz Carlton in Dorado, which is so gorgeous, it’s kind of crazy. We felt like it was a slice of heaven and could not get over the beauty of that property. And the Ritz Spa… you know it’s coming… I just can’t even.


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The beach at the Ritz has this lagoon that has perfect sand, perfect water, and no seaweed. Basically, I never wanted to leave.

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I did some shooting around the property for the bride and groom and joined that handsome face on the right below just in time for sunset.

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A pineapple farm and picking my very own baby one? Can anyone say bucket list? Oh, the joy! And no, that photo below is not a baby announcement, but looking back… duh! It definitely looks like one and would have been so cute, but yea… no baby, just pineapple. :) Also, did you guys know that the pina colada was invented in Puerto Rico? So you know, you have to celebrate that and drink it all day long!

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More from the spa and their outdoor tub. Sigh.

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Hiked through a lot of mud for this view in sandals but it was so worth it! Sidenote, who hikes in sandals?!

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Sunsets were so beautiful and romantical.

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Old San Juan is so colorful and rich in culture. There were cobblestone streets and adorable shops everywhere and just amazing architecture that was so well preserved. Not to mention the best food we had… all my love languages were spoken that day.

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And an obligatory airport shot… we were so excited to see our babies by this point, but Puerto Rico, you were so good to us and we can’t wait to return!

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