My baby girl turned 2 a little over a week ago and I can barely bring myself to type that. I probably have said that at every birthday for both Emerson and Sienna but I swear, the shock never wears off. Let me preface this by saying she is at such a fun age right now and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. But if you know me, you know my babies’ birthdays are hard on me. I usually spend the week(s) prior to my their birthdays looking at photos, reading journal entries, remembering their birth stories, and…. inevitably doing the ugly cry.  We fully celebrate and party and do all things happy too, but each year is so bittersweet for me. This is just a crazy beautiful time in our lives that we only get to experience once and I just wish I could make it last forever. You guys, being a wedding photographer doesn’t help either.. I always come across a mother of the bride or groom that tells me they blinked and here they are… their baby’s wedding day. Cue that ugly cry.

If I could use one word to describe miss Sienna Rose and what she means to our family, it would be “wonder”. Perhaps it’s because she is a constant source of beauty… or perhaps it’s because she most definitely keeps us on our toes, never really knowing how she’ll surprise us. Maybe it’s her curiosity about everything or maybe it’s because she is the perfect combination of strength and goodness. I went into labor with Sienna two weeks before her due date on a Monday (see? she started surprising us from the very beginning) and I remember it all so vividly… feeling extremely, almost abnormally calm, yet having so many mixed emotions while I slowly packed my bag with Adi. I remember sitting Emerson down on the sofa and explaining to him what was about to happen. I also remember choking back tears, knowing that everything was about to change. There was excitement mixed with a strange feeling of sadness, which looking back on, came from a fear of change. But goodness gracious was she the best change that could have ever happened to our family.

She swept in just 30 minutes before midnight, so tiny and delicate with those big beautiful almond eyes of hers. She was the most beautiful mystery to me, yet I knew her as though she’d always been with me. In an instant, every worry I had was put to rest and completely and whole heartedly replaced with inexplicable joy and overwhelming love… a feeling I didn’t know I was capable of feeling twice.

Two years later and we can barely recall life before her. She completes us all in ways that only God knew we needed. She is determined and dainty and stubborn and loving and independent all in one. She has the absolute sweetest little voice, even when she says “no,” (which is quite often, ha!), yet can get pretty loud if she feels it necessary to. She loves making us laugh and plays the shy card for about 5 minutes upon meeting you. Afterwards, she will charm you with her big eyes to get that second cookie she knows she’s not allowed to have. ;) She is already very particular about what she likes and makes sure we all know it, yet she has a soft spot for her brother and if he asks her to do something, she will usually oblige. We all, Emerson included, squeeze her little cheeks and annoy her and kiss her lips and tell her how much we love her a thousand times a day and recently, she began to say she “lubs” us back. You guys, best thing ever.

I used to feel that birthdays should be treated pretty simply but after having children, I realized how much I love planning parties for them. Maybe it’s the interior designer in me or the wannabe florist in me or the fact that I just love having friends and family together celebrating such a joyous milestone. Or maybe it’s all three. ;) This year, we had only immediate family over and did a little birthday dinner for our baby girl that turned out to be the perfect combination of intimate and sweet. I’ve already shared an eye rolling amount of paragraphs up top so I’m going to go ahead and just apologize for the plethora of photos below. I couldn’t help myself… you know, it’s the whole photographer thing… on top of the interior designer and wannabe florist thing. ;) Speaking of photographer… that would be a lens cap my baby is holding up in that photo above… #proud

I shared this already on my personal Instagram, but goodness gracious do I love this photo. Also, shameless plug for my business Instagram here. 

I hadn’t even finished putting out all the deserts before this little cookie lover helped herself. She gets that from her mama.

I laugh so hard every time I look at the photo below.. it’s such a perfect representation of their personalities.

Any guesses on which one of us is her favorite?

Daddy. Always daddy. :)

Sienna Rose… I hope you never lose your sense of wonder or those stars you seem to have in your eyes or the light that follows you wherever you go. I hope your heart will radiate goodness and love and compassion, while at the same time showing your courageous spirit and strength. I hope you will walk with Jesus and love Him above all else. I hope that you will use your voice to inspire and encourage. I hope you will always know how deeply you are loved and how ridiculously happy you and your brother make us. Happiest 2nd birthday, my beautiful baby girl. Love, your mama.

  1. Tamara V says:

    Beautiful photos.. beautiful family! <3

  2. Becky says:

    Man I love u guys So precious