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South Beach Home Engagement Session - Diana Lupu Photography

I am SO excited to share this engagement session with you all! And I’m even more excited for this couple’s wedding tomorrow. I met Jessica for the first time in a coffee shop and had to have her as my bride. Besides her impeccable style, she is also an incredibly intelligent business woman, witty, sweet as can be, and well, gorgeous. Basically, Geoff is the luckiest man in the world and he knows it. But then I met Geoff who is equally as kind, smart, and good looking so yea… all the good gene planets aligned with those two. ;)

Jess and Geoff welcomed me into their condo where we had the best time documenting their sweet love. I can’t gush enough about this session… and the fact that they gave me creative freedom while also contributing to the style, look, and feel with their own creativity. It is by far one of my favorites and I’m just so excited to see what tomorrow has in store. I hope you all enjoy this session and happy weekend to you!

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