A few weeks back, my mom hosted the most adorable sprinkle shower in our home for our little lady. My nearest and dearest friends gathered for an intimate and fun evening of eating (lots and lots of yummy cheese platters), some good ol’ girl time, and flower crown making. This pregnancy has flown by so fast and I really just wanted a simple celebration that felt casual, relaxing, and joyful. A lot of my girlfriends are expecting or already mamas so it was nice to get a break from our children/babies and enjoy some great girl time… even though they were never far from our thoughts and conversations. A big thanks to all the daddy’s that really stepped it up and took care of the kiddos, my mother and my mother-in-law who made all the incredible food, my cousin who basically took care of all the decor and kept me off my feet, and everyone else that pitched in to sprinkle our little lady with so much love. It was seriously perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better shower. Below, some of my favorite photos (okay, a lot of my favorite photos) if you’d like to see. Happy weekend friends!


A few days before the shower, I did an inspiration photoshoot with the amazing wedding designer, Eileen Morales, who also recently launched a fab floral business, Divine Design Flowers. She was kind enough to give me all the arrangements she created from the shoot and made little lady’s shower extra special and very pretty.

DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_001 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_021 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_019DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_020DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_031

Grabbed a few quick photos with my boys before they headed out…

DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_030DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_032DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_033 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_016

We still don’t have a name for our baby girl (it’s hard you guys!) so I asked my girlfriends to write their suggestions on our chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Let’s just say we still don’t have a name… hah. Feel free to leave some suggestions… we are all ears!

DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_013 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_014

Cheese platters have always been one of my very favorite things to eat and this mama was one happy lady.

DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_011 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_003 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_002 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_012

My girlfriend picked up some fresh flowers for our crown making and we had a little too much fun with these. I snapped photos of each girl with their creations and loved seeing how creative each one got with their crowns.

DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_017 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_023

Baby Aria and her beautiful mama got extra points for being the cutest duo around.

DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_009DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_024 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_026 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_025 DianaLupuPhotography_SprinkleShower_027

And a group photo of us all. I love you ladies so very much!


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