Summer Nights


It feels rather silly to refer to anything as a season here in South Florida, since it’s pretty much summer year round, but still… there’s something that just feels different about these longer days. We eat watermelon all day long, we live off freshly squeezed mint lemonades, our dinner menus are lighter, and our weekends revolve around barbecuing with friends as often as possible. This summer, Emerson has pretty much been living in his swim trunks either at the beach, in the pool, or running through splash pads at the park. His tan lines are something to be envious of. But as anyone that lives in Florida can tell you, it also rains A LOT in the summertime, so it’s been a welcomed challenge finding things to do with a toddler during that time and even those indoor activities have summer infused in them. Think camping games and putting on concerts on the living room lawn (it’s a rug but we like to use our imagination) and book clubs at the local library. And once that rain finally clears, man oh man, do we love jumping in those puddles. Hey summer, we’re really loving you.


The other day, the forecast called for clear skies all day long so when Adi got home from work early, we knew what had to be done. We packed up our bags with snacks and plenty of water, a few towels, sunscreen, and off we went. By the time we got there, the sun had already gone, and we were left with the most perfect warm breeze you could ever imagine. It wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cold… it was just right. Adi and I couldn’t stop laughing at E’s face as he kicked off those sandals. Though he’s seen the ocean countless times already, he still has the same silly grin you’d give a girl you have a crush on all over his face. He confidently marches straight towards the water and plops himself smack in the wet sand, arms stretched wide open, waiting to embrace those waves. And that ocean returns his crush every time with a big wet sloppy kiss. Adi usually sits next to him and they build sand castles and laugh at all the sand in their hair and water that makes it in their mouths. They have this game they play where E will run towards Adi and get flung up in the air and then they both “crash” in the water. The laughter that comes from those boys is pretty much my favorite sound in the whole world. These days, you can find me relaxing on the towel while watching them or usually hovering over them taking photos. I used to get in on all the sand castle building action but this baby would much rather I not squish her every chance I get thankyouverymuch.

Just thought I’d share a few photos of our perfect night together but what I really wish I had taken a photo of, was all the sand we ended up finding in places where sand does not belong, but you know… some things are better left for our memories. Happy Friday all and may you eat tons of watermelon and relax with those you love most!

DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_011 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_009 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_007 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_001 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_006 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_004

His little legs? I die. Also, it’s seaweed season in Florida! One of my least favorite things about summer, but E doesn’t seem fazed by it one bit.

DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_003 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_002 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_010


Yes, there’s only one baby in there. Trust me, I ask each time. Here’s baby girl at a solid 26 weeks.

DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_012 DianaLupuPhotography_SummerNights_013