Hi all and happy new week to you! I’m not quite sure how it gets here so fast, but that Monday man, I could really do with less of it. Now Saturday and Sunday, I can’t get enough of.. especially since we’ve been enjoying a few heavenly Saturdays off this month. Even so, we’ve been taking advantage of those off days and working on a few house projects (like this) before baby girl arrives. And our late afternoons consist of splashing around in the pool with E, lots of ice cream stops, and grilling out back. The smell of that grill outside in your backyard is something else and it sure does beat the George Foreman we had been using in our tiny condo for the past 5 years. Overall, I’m just so grateful for those weekends.

And then there’s Sunday, a day we make sure we honor God by resting and just being still. It most often looks like making breakfast together, lots of time lounging around in our pj’s, lunch with family, leisure bike rides or walks, church, and extra long naps. It’s like Emerson knows it’s Sunday because he naps the longest on those days. That boy of mine sure knows how to practice a good Sunday. Lately, Adi and him have been napping at the same time on Sundays and even though everything in me screams SLEEP WHILE YOU STILL CAN, all I really want to do is grab my cozy blanket and read a good book while sipping on my fresh mint lemonade. Or paint my nails. Or spend a little free time on Pinterest. Whatever it is, the stillness of the house has been so lovely and welcomed and I’ve enjoyed every second of just me and my baby girl quietly kicking away, letting me know I’m never really alone.  I just love it.

Anyway, Sunday is also the only day we get to dress up with E and look semi-decent. So whenever that happens, we take photos. Obviously. And yesterday’s mini session was just the best. I told E to put his hands in his pockets, not knowing what his reaction would be, and then!!!! He struck this pose. Good heavens, I love him.