TGIF and Stuff


If I wasn’t so dang clumsy, I’d climb on top of my roof and shout TGIF at the top of my lungs—THAT’S how happy I am this week is over. In all honesty, it was combined with some incredible pinch me I must be dreaming moments and some punch me in the face moments. Let’s start with last weekend, shall we? Saturday was my birthday and my hunky husband planned this awesome Disney weekend for us because, hello?! happiest place on earth! Plus, that man knows not much brings me more joy than riding Dumbo with my little family. Well, earlier that week E caught the world’s ugliest cold so we decided to postpone that trip, which in all honestly was kind of a bummer. But we managed to muster up the energy (and tons of hand sanitizer) to still go out and have an awesome weekend where we squeezed in a trip to the zoo, Miami for some authentic Cuban food, a little shopping, and my favorite, the beach. Guys, I live 20 minutes from the beach and will never tire of that place. I am so at peace there, it’s crazy. Even when I’ve got sand in places it shouldn’t be, a toddler trying to throw himself into the waves, and a 5 month old attempting to yank my earring out of my earlobe. Jealous? I thought so. Below are some calmer moments captured on camera…

DianaLupuPhotography_BeachDays_PersonalBlogPost_ (2) DianaLupuPhotography_BeachDays_PersonalBlogPost_ (1)

They all look super calm and pensive in this photo below, but really, Adi was trying to hold E back from jumping in while trying his best not to fall over. And Sienna was just being Sienna, all wide eyed and shocked.

DianaLupuPhotography_BeachDays_PersonalBlogPost_ (4)

The rest of the week was pretty busy with work. I know I’m super blessed to work from home most days and have my littles so close and trust me, I don’t take a single second of it for granted. Every now and then though, work takes me away and I’m pretty crushed. Thankful for work, but crushed nonetheless. It’s in those moments when I want to reach out and hug every working mama in the world. Emerson was trying so hard to convince me that I didn’t need to go to work in the morning, even saying he would give up train rides forever if I just stayed home to play “police cars” with him. Insert broken heart emoji here. Also, despite all of our best efforts to keep Sienna quarantined from Emerson, she still caught his cold. So basically, we got no sleep AND I was away from the cutest runny nosed toothless girl ever and the sweetest tiny policeman ever. Bleh. But in the midst of all that, there were some pretty amazing moments too (like this one).

So today, I’m just sitting here with my freshly squeezed homemade mint lemonade (hi again time!) finally able to get to some emails and this little blog while my babies are napping at the same time (BOOYA). I spent this morning quietly playing with water hoses and letting that glorious warm sun hit our shoulders, while listening to this and it was pure heaven. I have this weekend off and plan to cuddle the heck out of my girl and play police cars and soccer rocker with my boy till I’m blue in the face—and maybe enjoy a good movie night with that hubsicle of mine on the couch. Mmmmm that just reminded me of popsicles. So TGIF it up people and have a happy weekend! Oh!! And happy first day of spring! We like to try and pretend we have seasons o’er here. :)

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