On September 29th, at 11:19pm, we welcomed a beautiful and healthy 6lb 12oz baby girl, Sienna Rose, into the world and into our family! She came a full 2 weeks early and we weren’t exactly prepared for how quickly everything happened. Our bags weren’t packed, her nursery corner wasn’t complete, and I wasn’t exactly mentally prepared for her arrival (I know I know… it’s not like I had 38 weeks). But you guys. She came into this world and was all, “Hi family! I’m so cute and loveable and perfect that you don’t need all the other stuff. Just hold me, love me, feed me and we’re all good, mm’k?”. Okay, baby girl. And that’s exactly what we did and it was perfect.

DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (5) DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (2)DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (10)

I took off a solid 8 weeks to just take every part of her in, feed her, let Emerson adjust to being the best brother in the world (which he really is… i just can’t wait to share more on that), and make the transition to being a mama of two (!!). I’m really, REALLY behind on blogging but I’ve been keeping a journal of everything I’ve wanted to soak in about this really amazing time in our lives and I’ll be sharing some of those memories here! I know every mama feels like the luckiest in the world to have their baby and it’s just so awesome how God created us to love them so wholeheartedly. You can find the three of us, especially Emerson, kissing her about 500 times a day, cuddling her, tracing our fingers around her tiny forehead and down to her little nose, and staring at her while she sleeps, anxious for her to get up. I can’t believe she’s ours… such a tiny thing, yet such a giant blessing. Little Sienna Rose, we adore you and love you more than you could ever possibly know. Here are some photos from her very first week of life…

DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (12)DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (7) DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (6)

I took these photos of her at 1 week, thinking she would sleep through them and I could do whatever I wanted with her. You know the kind where you put them on their belly and get their little bum up in the air? Yea, my girl would have none of it.  The minute I laid her down, those eyes of hers shot open and stayed that way for the rest of this shoot. Don’t even try to flip me over mama. I love her so much. :)

DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (13) DianaLupuPhotography_SiennaRose_Month1 (8)



  1. Jennifer Olariu says:

    She is perfect, Diana!!! God bless your growing family! I adore the roses to go along with her beautiful name. <3